Popcorn and Tina Teaspoon, if you've got a minute....

Sorry for the woe is me post but just needed to "talk" to someone who understands.

We've had 3 good nights with A where she's hasn't cried much and I really thought we'd started to turn a corner but tonight we're back to her screaming again :-( 

It doesn't help that I went to the doctors for her milk on Monday and they hadn't even received her discharge letter from the hopsital , never mind responded. It could be another couple of weeks now for that to even get done with Christmas next week. 

I feel like I'm going round in circles and constantly ending back at square one and getting nowhere fast.

How are you both getting on? Better than us I hope x


  • Oh mamaD I'm sorry lovely. I find it really hard when you have a bad day after a run of good ones, it's like you're teased! We had a fab weekend with S then Monday night he screamed all night and wouldn't be put down at all. Friday was also so bad my mum had to be excused from work to come and help me with him, I was in a right state :( we saw the doctor and have started domperidone. I just wanted to make sure we had something to be getting on with over Christmas. He's been ok today, terrible wind though! I think it's made him a bit uncomfortable bless him but he has been ok to settle. I just feel like I don't want to get my hopes up though because it's harder when he has a bad day then.

    That's so frustrating about the referral letter! I hope it gets sorted soon x

    Hope TT is ok, I think her H is away this week?

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