Positive early pregnancy bleeding stories please

To try and keep me sane although i can't see how this is going to have a happy ending. 

Particularly if you had bright red/clots/anything solidy!! I only had a few hours of red last night with 2 5p size solid bits which i assumed were clots but were dark in colour and GP said could be nothing or could be tissue. Helpful. Just getting brown spotting now. Still no pain. 

Scan is 9.15am monday so got to try and not go insane in the mean time. 



  • Really sorry to hear that you are going through this,  I had a bleed at about 7weeks with E - bright red and then turned to brown, I had no cramps.  Scared me witless as I had miscarried a few months earlier.  The waiting is the worst part, my GP would only take bloods and check the hormone levels he refused to refer me for an early scan - I ended up paying for a private scan as the NHS was sh*t.  Keeping everythig crossed for you x

  • Thanks ALocin. I completely forgot to ask about blood test and GP didn't mention it. Was yours just literally blood and discharge? Thebrown i'm getting now is a little bit stringy, like at the start of AF. That's what's making me think it's not good news.

  • Mine was bright red to start with (enough to be on knickers) and then went brown (just when I wiped) - on the early scan they could see the bit that had been bleeding (another bit of tissue to the side of the main embryo sac).  When I miscarried it was dark brown, then bright red and got heavier and continued red for a few days, I also had bad period type cramps.  Fingers crossed for you x

  • I had bright red blood at 8 weeks, losing clots the size of a 5p piece. I had booked in early with my mw, so I told her, and she booked me in for an early scan the next day. They couldn't see where the bleed was coming from, just "one of those things" (hate that sting)

    I had small bleeds throughout my pregnancy. Sometimes red, sometimes brown.

  • I had quite a dark red bleed to start with at 5 weeks, and also was some orange, pink and brown throughout the first couple of days, settled down but was pretty much constant spotting throughout the 1st tri and all was fine (took until 8 weeks until I finally got a scan, OOH doc and GP wouldn't consider referring me to EPU, took pleading with the MW after it having gone on for almost 2 weeks to finally get referred).  No pain, and now having brown are good signs xx

  • AR as you know I've had bleeding regularly. The last bright red bleed was at 8weeks and came with a snotty blob like clot and I feared the absolute worst. I went to bed with a pad on thinking it was over. However it wasn't. I regularly get stringy brown CM - its pretty normal for me. I've had two scans now and things are all good. Keep reminding yourself that bleeding in itself isn't always a bad thing!

  • Big hugs lovely. I had bright red several times and lots of brown throughout 1st tri, no pain ever which is a positive sign. The waiting is torture though x

  • AR I had my first bleed this time at 6 weeks, it started of as brown CM and then I had some red which only lasted a day and back to brown stringy CM. I had a scan the next day at 6+1 and saw the heartbeat. I then had a bright red bleed at 10+1. It was a Saturday night and just started out of nowhere. By the Sunday morning I had some small clots, about 5p size and I was frantic. I called epu but they couldn't see me and the maternity ward weren't interested until I was 12 weeks. It was Father's Day and I eventually found a private scan place open that day and went for a scan on the suday afternoon. I was still bleeding when I got there and again, we saw our wriggly little baby and the heartbeat. The red bleeding eased off by the Monday then I had brown blood for about another 4 days, it was actually like a light period.

    Keeping everything crossed for you lovey. The midwife I saw at 6 weeks said she basically expects bleeding now as (and sorry I can't remember the exact phrase she said) but it was something about baby cleaning out its bed x

  • So sorry to hear you are going through this AutumnRose.  It really is scary and worrying isn't it.

    I woke up one night just as I entered 2nd trimester and knew straight away.  Went to the loo and was bleeding, bright red and similar to moderate period.  I had to wait overnight the following evening for a scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit and it was an awful 24 hours.  They could see a pool of blood on the scan but nothing else obviously out of the ordinary and couldn't explain it.  I bled on and off for around a couple of months I think.  Nothing was concluded however when I delivered A they noticed that the cord was inserted into the membranes, I think it was a velamentous cord insertion.  I wonder if this caused the bleeding earlier in the pregnancy?  I was in theatre already as A was delivered by forceps so they had to do a manual placenta removal which was fine, couldn't feel a thing!

    I was scared too, but I now have a very fiery, strongwilled and lovely 2 year old who is currently napping upstairs!

    There is no point me saying try not to worry this weekend, it is obviously going to be difficult.  But I believe brown spotting is a good sign and I hope everything goes well on Monday and you receive happy news.  Thinking of you.  Big hugs x

  • not me but a lady i worked with had heavy bleeding all throughout her pregnancy, including cramps just like having monthly periods and she was totally fine - please just try and remember everyones bodies cope with pregnancy in different ways, when i saw my midwife at 6 weeks she told me to expect a bleed in the next few weeks as my period blood would have been stored up and needed to be released

    i know its hard, but please keep those positive vibes x

  • Haven't got any experience but suggested kent medical imaging in your other post as you said down that way and they are open tomo x

  • No advice but hope it eases and you get a positive scan on Monday

  • AR I had bleeding with J. It went on for a few days and was red then pink then brown. He's a strapping almost two and a half year old. X

  • I had three days of red bleeding (not continuous) at five weeks followed by a week of brown blood. it was all fine. i also had brown bleeding from.ovulation to bfp which included some small brown clots and bits of tissue. Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you ladies. I really appreciate it. Clinging onto anything i can really, i so appreciate the support.

  • A big bright red bleed here at 6.5 weeks with my second. I was terrified, but early scan showed all was well and it stayed that way. Really hoping this is the case for you too x

  • Bright red bleed with O at 11wks, brown discharge and pain at 6wks with C. Both alive and well and wonderfully perfect. Sending you vibes that this is just "one of those things".

    So many hugs x

  • Thank you both. x

  • I had quite a bit of bleeding, actually the most out of any pregnancy, and the result is currently feeding on my knee right now. Hope it's just one if those cruel pregnancy things xx

  • Hello, I found out I was pregnant on Tuesday I only took the test because I started bleeding!!! I went to the hospital Wednesday and they done a internal scan and couldn’t see anything because it’s too early!! I’ve been threatened a miscarriage😩😩 the blood is like a period and seems to be getting heathier, and it’s bright red but no pain on back pain, is there a chance my baby could be ok??? Got to take a test Tuesday and if still pregnant got to go back Wednesday, took a test lastnight and the line seemed fainter 

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