Possibly Pregnant, need advice....UPDATED WITH DIGITAL CBD RESULT........

Hello Ladies,

Not sure if any of you remember me from a few years back.  I had IVF with my little boy who is now 4, and not been on here for probably that length of time, but there may be a few still here that I remember.

Anyway, I need some advice.

2 weeks ago I had (what I thought) was a normal period?, however since then I have experienced brown discharge, slight, not lots, but every day.  Well tonight I thought I'd do a pregnancy test to rule it out.  A little bit of back history, when I had IVF with Lucas, there weren't any problems, I had just tried to conceive for about 4 years with no luck, so I was given the option of IVF which was successful.

Back to tonight, the test has come back positive, only a faint second line, but its definitely there.

My concern is I thought I had a period 10 days ago, could this just have been an implantation bleed and I'm still experiencing 'spotting' discharge?

I know, I should probably just go to the doctors in the morning?  Just wondered if anyone could shed any light?

When I was pregnant with Lucas I did have an implantation bleed around 6-7 weeks, but can only recall that for a few days.

My last proper period (where I was 2 weeks late, but had a negative pregnancy test) was August 12th, so if I counted that as my first day then I could be 7 weeks, but surely a test would show up stronger than a faint line?  But if I was pregnant now after my period on 21st September (or so I thought) I would only be 12 days into my cycle, if that makes sense?  I also feel a little achy, like a period is due, only slight though?

Here is the test, for you to see?  Anybody, advice, help, opinions, anything, I'm in limbo, don't know whether to be happy or not?  Could I have been pregnant, possibly miscarrying?  I just don't know what to think?





  • That test looks positive to me - can you get a Digital test and confirm with that, so there's no doubt over lines? Hope you get the answer you want x

  • I'm going to say congratulations as that looks a pretty clear positive to me.  I think you really need to contact your GP and see if they can arrange an early scan for you to try and date things.  

  • Ta looks very positive to me , congrats! Do you normally have regular cycles?

  • Looks Positive to me too. Get a CBD to be sure

  • I'm a bit clueless on stuff like this but didn't want to read and run. x

  • Thanks for the replies ladies, I'll get a CBD tomorrow, although debating to get one now lol.

    May call my doctors in the morning too to see if they can get me in quickly.

    After years of trying to conceive naturally and it not happening, to having IVF, to now possibly conceiving naturally, I don't know whether I'm coming or going.  Don't know whether to jump for joy or remain calm?

    Strange thing is, I've just worked out my 'possible' dates, and if I am pregnant, then this baby would be due on the same date my son was due (although he was 2 weeks late), still same due date, perhaps its fate? :)


  • What a marvellous surprise, or shock!! :)

  • I totally understand your confused state.  We TTCed for 3.5 yrs for Zoe before getting a BFP and then Orla was a bit of a surprise.

  • Well after rushing out for a digital pregnancy test, this is the result.................

    This shows 1-2 weeks since conception, so about 3-4 weeks pregnant.

    But 10 days ago I thought I had a period and since then I've still been having brown discharge?

    A scan would be too early, right?

    So confused.


  • No advice on dates I'm afraid, but congratulations x

  • Congratulations! I don't think they can see much on a scan until you're about 6 weeks. The only thing I can suggest (which isn't a great deal of help) is to get another CBD in a weeks time to see if goes up to 2-3 weeks. Sorry I can't be more help than that x

  • Congratulations! I'm sure if you tell your GP that you are unsure about your dates you can be referred for an early scan, I know someone who had one at 6 weeks for this reason.

  • Could just be old blood you're seeing since its about now your period would have been due. Sorry it's so confusing. If you go to gp they may send you for a scan to help date. My friend had a similar situation to you but they still made her wait to about 12 weeks. Turned out she was only 10 weeks so she had to go back for another scan again for nuchal measurements etc.

  • Many congratulations!  I'm pretty sure your GP would send you for an early scan due to your dates . X

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