Postnatal Headaches


A is nine days old today and is breast fed. I keep getting headaches! Behind my eyes mainly. Is this common? Am I dehydrated? I'm drinking lots of water! Can you get headaches from lack of sleep???

i tried paracetamol a couple days ago but it didn't shift so I've been suffering since and it's starting to affect my mood!

Advice welcome before we see MW tomorrow.




  • hope you are ok? have you had your Bp checked recently? I know you had Bp issues in your pregnancy pregnancy.

  • I had awful post natal headaches which I think was because I was anaemic. Make sure you're eating and drinking properly, I found it helped.

  • Did you have an epidural or spinal? I think that can cause postnatal headaches?

  • Similar here, H is 2 weeks old and breastfed, I have a headache about every other day, usually after a bad night so I think mine are sleep rated. Also I an trying to drink loads of water as I know headaches can be a sign of dehydration. It could also be hormonal as our hormones start to settle down. I feel your pain!

  • Thanks Carole. BP has been fine. I think it was lack of sleep as it's eased off now.

    I didn't have an epidural so it can't be that....

    Didn't consider anemia... Might up my snacking!



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