Pram dilemma

In an attempt to save money my friend offered me her brand new red Nipabout chassis and carrycot to use until the baby is a bit older, so that I could avoid buying the carrycot for the Nipper. 

I collected it today and she has given me the brand new chassis and wheels (great) but its the black carrycot she did use. Now it's not exactly spotless, the hood is pretty grubby and now I do t know what to do! How do I get round not using it? Without offending her? 

And it now looks like I'm going to have to buy the Nipper sooner than expected with the added cost of the carrycot :-(


  • Can't you clean it up? If you're only intending in using it as a pram and not to sleep in, then you may not use it much anyway. If you don't feel comfortable using it at all then just claim that you saw one on offer so thought that you may as well get it sooner rather than later or someone bought you one.

  • It says sponge/spot clean only though I am tempted to try a hand wash in the machine. It's just general grubbiness from a toddler and being put in the car I think but I'm not sure I want to put a newborn in a pram I'm not 100% happy with if that makes sense. I had planned on using it for daytime naps.

  • There was a fab deal somewhere!
  • Buy the carrycot, and say it was a Xmas pressure from someone

  • Or present? Lol x

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