Preschool boosters being very late

L is 3 yrs 9 months (nearly) and still hasn't had his preschool boosters which are supposed to be given just after the 3rd birthday. Also he can't get the flu vaccine because he hasn't had this booster. 

Has anyone had to wait so long for this? Does it make any difference? I'm annoyed as he's been at the surgery twice with me in the laat month when I had the flu vaccine and whooping cough vaccine which is the same booster he will get and the nurse refused to do his at the same time. 

The reason it's so late is the nurse only does children's vaccines 1 day a month and the appointment he was given in October neither my H or I could get him to then on Thursday this week he was loaded with the cold so they wouldn't do it. We now need to wait for another appointment/cancellation in December on the one Tbursday in the month she will be giving vaccines. Just seems a stupid system! 


  • They can have them any time between 3 years 4 months (which is the earliest they will do them) and 5 years so he isn't too late. It is annoying when they only do them on certain days of the week/ month though!

  • Thanks Goldfish. I'm annoyed that he's missing the flu vaccine as well!

    The nurse will only do it on one Thursday a month - Thursdays L is in nursery and its my H and my busiest day in work, hence using nursery! So far from ideal!

    I'm really pissed off that he was with me and she still refused to do it!

  • They sent me the letter about A's flu spray thingy - so i rang up to book and she said they hadn't arranged the clinics yet so could i ring back in a couple of weeks! So disorganised!

  • That's weird LR, M is 3yrs 5mths and hasn't had hers but they gave flu vaccine no bother. In fact, anyone aged 2 or 3 gets flu vaccine so don't see why he needs preschool vaccines first? I'd question it again xx

  • Thanks weekender.

    She said he can't have the flu vaccine within 4 weeks of the booster so wouldn't give it until the booster was done!

  • Id get the flu for now. Phoebe is getting it and hasnt had pre school jag.

  • Jacob had his flu vaccine last month and is getting his preschool booster this week so I'd push for the flu vaccine asap. Very frustrating that they only do one clinic a month though, is there anyone else who could take him for you?

  • Not that I know of Margot. Can't get the flu vaccine now as the 2 drop in days have passed now. And they won't let me make an appointment for it! Yes the surgery is crap!

  • Luke was 4 yrs and 6months when he got his pre school booster. I'd get the flu done now as it's seasonal time specific, and wait a couple of months for the boosters.

  • But they won't let me make an appointment for the flu vaccine and the drop in days have now passed.

  • M had hers in August so 4 and 6m. No one battered an eyelid.

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