Present Ideas - 4 Year Old Girl


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could buy a four year old girl for her birthday?

Our budgets around £25.00.

She seems to have everything :-| and I'm not really down with what is 'in' with kids at that age!

Any help appreciated - last time I asked for help with a 1 year old present and was well chuffed with the ideas, I'd of never thought of any of them! :)

Thank you x


  • Mollys favourite items at christmas were craft ones (like a mould to make a disney princess which she painted) and a book we brought her which was personalised with her name and three other names in the story (plus her age and address etc) we have read it over and over

  • I bought my cousin's daughter who is4  a disney princess costume for christmas and she loved it.  

  • Zoe doesn't think you can ever have too much dressing up stuff or too much Disney Princess stuff.  She also loves craft things but rather than kits I would recommend making her up a craft box full of random stuff she can do with as she pleases, ie glitter, sellotape, glue, coloured paper, colouring pens, stickers etc.  Zoe would be over the moon with that, along with anything with her name on.  

  • G is nearly 5 and her favourite things at the moment are -

    Dressing up and accessories (especially sparkly shoes and pretend jewellery)

    Anything Disney

    Craft stuff

    Her cooking stuff (for real cooking so she can help me)

    Dollies and accessories

    Games - kerplunk, guess who and operation especially

    The disco lights we got her for Christmas

    Its her birthday on Friday and we've got her -

    First CD player and CD so she can have little discos with the lights in her room.

    Little roller skates - £7 in toys r us!!

    Craft bits

    Colour and make your own kite

    mosaic set

    Dressing up

    Games for her Innotab


  • Dressing up stuff is popular here too, particularly character stuff -Disney princesses and Minnie mouse in particular.

    Craft stuff too, bead jewellery making kit is popular, but really any imaginary play stuff.

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