Probably obvious BFing questions

So yesterday I got the all clear to BF. I'd wanted to but wasn't expecting it so I'm not prepared at all even though I've kept an eye on other BF threads. So my questions are:-

  • Nightwear for hospital.If all goes well I'm going to be in hospital between 3-7 days (c section and other issues). I'd bought nighties but suddenly thought they're not practical for BFing. So then I thought PJ's but will I really want them on with a C Section wound? So what do you wear? Do you take clothes for the later days?
  • Pump - when did you all buy one? Would you try it for a bit and then get a pump if it's working out?
  • There is a 50/50 chance my C Section might be under General Anaesthestic so I can't BF for 24 hours. How much milk do I need to freeze in advance?
  • This one is probably the silliest so bear with me- I have quite small boobs B cup and if the baby grows along the percentile line she's currently on at 39 weeks she's going to be 10lb+, is this going to cause an issue with producing enough? If so do I go to hospital prepared to FF as well i.e armed with bottles and formula?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.



  • Just on here quickly but I wore Pjs after my section with no problem, I just bought a bigger size and they sat way above the scar.  I stayed in them the day after the section too and then wore soft clothes on day 3 as I was going home that day.  I wouldn't worry about a pump yet, they're easy enough to get hold of if you really need one.

    Why won't you be able to feed straight after a c section under general?  I've never heard that before, everyone I know who has had one under general has fed pretty much as soon as they've woke if they've wanted to.

    And don't worry about size, boob size/baby size has no indication on milk supply.  I have never changed size or leaked while pregnant and have fed my three boys successfully.  It depends on your hospital whether you need to take formula, I know my local one will supply if you need it due to bf problems so you could always have it ready at home and have your dh bring it in if necessary.

  • I had button down nighties for after birth so I could feed easily as I hate pj tops. Just primark ones but worked perfectly and I'll be getting some this time too. There is no relation to boob size and milk supply. I noticed yesterday at our hospital lots of signs saying from feb they'll no longer supply formula and bottles so check with your hospital. Those are the ones I can help with :-)
  • Just a quickie as I need to get to bed but I bought nighties from Primark that had buttons halfway down the front, these are great for BFing as they are long enough to cover your bum, no trousers to potentially irritate a scar (although I didn't have a c-section so don't know if they would anyway), and you just unbutton them to get a boob out.

  • Oh and I'm not sure how much milk but remember newborns have very tiny stomachs, I was expressing for A in hospital and feeding him about 1-2ml at a time of colostrum, so a very tiny amount!!

  • Oh pump rose I bought a manual one in advance and it wasn't expensive. Did the job fine for 7 months alongside feeding.
  • So pleased that you've had the all clear. I had some pjs and a nightdress that had poppers down the front that made bf easy. (If i find the nightdress, i'll pop it in with the rest of the baby clothes for you). Def see how you get on before buying a pump, otherwise it's a very expensive purchase should things not work out, or you decide not to express. Boots etc sell them, so you can pick one up very easily should you decide you need them. I don't think you'll be able to freeze milk as such in advance as your milk won't have come in. I'm not sure about the colostrum. Are there any bf support volunteers you could talk to? I found our local support network very useful when i had problems with S. X

  • I bought 2 nursing nighties from mamas and papas, which were great for not irritating section scar.

    Also I hand expressed 1ml colostrum at a time in hospital as had difficulty feeding to start with. My midwife had given me syringes and instructions to hand express from week 36 for me to freeze if I wanted to. Might be worth asking for some x

  • First time around, I bought a proper nursing nightie for £5 from Mothercare. It had poppers down the front. 2nd time, I picked up another nightie from Matalan, and i'd already accumulated some PJ's with buttons down the front. I had small boobs pre-pregnancy (even smaller now, 2 babies later!!), and I never had any problems with supply.

  • Hi iv not been here for ages

    But bbl

    I'd a section under ga and. Bf as soon as I woke up so email me via fb group if needed xx c

  • Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for all the advice, so I've took so long to reply but I had the garage burgled last night so it's just been one of those days. I'm off to buy a button up nightie.

  • Re the pump, you may be able to borrow one.  I borrowed an electric one from our local bf support, the pink ladies.  

  • Yes i had button up nighties and huge high waist knickers!!

    I had cs under ga first time round and breastfed in recovery an hour later.

    If you want to take expressed milk into hospital you would need one before anyway? Get a cheapish manual one (I found the Avent one the best). You can always upgrade to an electric one later if you want to.

    If your baby needs formula in hospital, they usually provide it. Ours definitely does in disposable bottles.

    Your boobs will grow hun and your supply will soon catch up.


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