Purple Star

Hi PS, wondered how you were doing after the fumes problem, apols if I missed an update :)


  • I'll poke her for you.

  • Hey Counter.  Thank you for thinking of me. Yesteday it wasn't too bad as I had window nearest me open all day but today its not been great.  It's alot less stinky than it was but still too overpowering for my liking.  Makes me feel very hot and sick!! Luckily didn't start til 12 as I had a hospital appointment (not baby related) this morning. I can't wait for two days off to get away from it though. Can't help worrying about it after what I've read! X

  • The single only thing I can say of comfort (if it is) is that I have an amazing Spidey-sense of smell, to the point it's a nuisance, when pregnant, so although it's strong to you perhaps the actual fume part is much, much, much less than the smell would indicate. I'm sure all is well. Enjoy a lovely stink-free wknd! x

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