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Hello ladies,

I hope that you don't mind me posting here since I have been a terrible MDer - I joined in November last year and haven't posted since my intro thread :-(

I have some questions so I hope that someone might be able to help....I am driving myself mad Googling at the moment so any advice would be appreciated.

I got a BFP on 15th February but found out on 13th March at an 8 week scan that our bean had no heartbeat. I went in for an ERPC last Tuesday (18th) and although I can't fault the care that I was given at the hospital, I left there with absolutely no information on what to expect afterwards.

Can anyone tell me if it is too early to get a negative on a pregnancy test yet? Sorry if this is a really stupid question! I am putting off taking a test as I think that I will be gutted to see a positive result but we want to try again asap, so I guess that this is the first step towards that.

Also, when would count as CD1? I am expecting that things might be a bit messed up for a bit but does anyone have any advice on how long this cycle might be? I had pretty regular cycles before (between 28 and 32 days) if that makes any difference. I have bought some ovulation sticks as we were using a CBFM before, but I don't know when I should start using them!

I am sorry to have to ask these questions and hope that no-one is offended but I feel a lost at the moment so I hope that someone can help. TIA! 


  • Lottie firstly I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss. Have a massive hug from me.

    I had an erpc last feb following a blighted ovum. I counted cd1 as the date of the erpc and AF arrived 29 days later, so fairly regular really. I then started ttc the following month.

    I didn't do a hpt so I dont know how quickly it changed to negative, so I sang help there.

    I would have thought 10 days ish would sound about right but I guess maybe everyone is different.

    If you've anymore questions then just

  • I'm so sorry for your loss Lottie, its such a [email protected] time and hope you are doing 'ok'.

    I had an ERPC (well 2 actually as they didn't get everything first time round) in October last year due to twin blighted ovums. I took CD1 as the day of the (second) ERPC and I think I got a negative test about 2 weeks after IIRC. AF arrived after around 4 weeks, which was unusual for me as I had irregular cycles. Some people do take longer though, I think anything up to 8 weeks is about normal. I didn't chart that cycle nor were we actively TTC but we didn't use protection iykwim. I wouldn't use OPK's yet (or until you get a negative test) as they can pick up pregnancy hormones so could lead to false results. We got a BFP the following cycle, however we were using clomid.

    HTH and feel free to shout if you have any other questions. Take care of yourself xxx

  • Thank you both for replying - I really appreciate it :-)

    I will leave it until next week to POAS then and I might skip the ovulation sticks this cycle and just see what happens. I just wish my pregnant boobs would disappear and then I will feel normal again!  

  • Afraid I cant really help but just wanted sorry for your loss x

  • I can't help I'm afraid Lottie but I just wanted to pop on to say I'm so sorry for your loss - have a hugely inadequate internet weirdy hug from me x

  • I had an ERPC following blighted ovum too, I think it was about six weeks till I got a period. I didn't do hpt afterwards but was told to wait six weeks before trying again. I'd lost a lot of blood during the procedure though so think that was why. So I waited till my period for CD1 if that makes sense? If you want to try sooner I'd probably reset the cbfm and count the day of erpc as CD1

    Sorry to hear about your loss Lottie, go easy on yourself. tI hope you get a bfp very soon x

  • So sorry your going through this Lottie.

    I had an ERPC a year ago y'day at 9 weeks. I did a hpt 2 and a half weeks after the op and got a faint positive which was hard to see. I tested again 3 weeks after the op and got a negative test. We had no plans to try again until at least the next month, we were also using the cbfm and I didn't even switch it on.

    After a couple of weeks I started doing OPKs as I hadn't seen any obvious signs of OV and was worried I was going to have an awful really long cycle. My OPKs were faint and started getting darker then after 3 days of 'positives' in a row I did a HPT and it was positive. I was terrified to begin with that either it was left over hormone or product or that if I was pregnant something awful would happen because I hadn't had a period. We hadn't been trying and infact had only DTD a couple of times.

    The next week my CBD went up to 2-3 so I knew it was a new pregnancy and an early scan at 6weeks showed a tiny button with a flickering heartbeat. That tiny button is now 15 weeks and currently sleeping at the side of me.

    I hope things settle down for you quickly and we see you back here with some good news xx

  • Thank you all again for replying, for the advice and the virtual hugs :-)

    I am absolutely terrified about trying again but I think that we just have to go for it. Hopefully see some of you over on the TTC board soon and hopefully I will be back here at some point too X

  • Sorry you're going through this. You've had a lot of good replies but I thought I'd add mine too.

    I had an ERPC at 10 weeks following a blighted ovum. I did do pregnancy tests and it took 3 weeks before I got a negative one. I was told to do one 2 weeks later and phone the EPU with the result. I think I was another 3 weeks after that before my AF arrived so about 6 weeks between ERPC and AF. I didn't count the cycle of the ERPC and started at CD1 once AF arrived. My cycles settled fairly quickly and were maybe a day or 2 longer to begin with and they got gradually shorter over the months after.

  • *Lottie* not sure if this will help or not but I know it did for me when I had my miscarriage, but mumsnet forums have a special board for Miscarriages and the ladies there are lovely and all going threw or been through it. I found it useful to answer questions that I didn't feel comfortable asking on here etc.

  • Thank you ChocolateCupcake, I will take a look.

    So sorry for everyone's losses too X

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