Quick hello from us

Hi ladies, just wanted to nip on to say hi now were home. 

Huge thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments and a special thanks to sweetpea for posting my BA and being a super PP and full of support!

O is 3 days old now and just an amazing little man. 

I know I'm due all my Tri girls an apology for the queue jumping (both month and year), looks like being breech and my bicornate uterus just meant he ran out of room and decided to make an appearance! Still feels a bit surreal, especially when I think that I'm only due to finish up work on Friday but I'm glad he's here safely and he really was an amazing early Xmas pressie. 

I'll do a birth story later but here's my little man on his birthday at 35+3 

And lovely to wake up to today 


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