Quick questioning your opinion about my thank you cards.

Just about to order some off an eBay seller. They're postcard style rather than a folded in half card and on one side is Bs photo and name , and on the other side is the wording 

"Your lovely baby gift showed such a thoughtful touch, we are as grateful as can be, thank you very much "


our names xxx

So then there's no space for me to hand write anything. Is it ok to send them out with what is written above without me writing anything myself? Is that quite impersonal? I'd rather not have to write on them all and it will look nicer as I have awful writing, but don't want people thinking its a bit lazy or ungrateful to not write them a personal message 


  • I added a message on the back. With phoebe i got proper cards so i could write in them.

  • Hmm, to be honest I think I would add a little personal message too. I know it’s a pain though.

  • Sorry but I would be miffed at the lack of personal message.

  • I never did personal messages. Sent ours after he came home ad there was no way if have had time to write out 50 messages. It was something like, baby Henry, S and C would like to thank you for your lovely gift and well wishes. Something else, then xxx

  • I always write and prefer to receive a personal note, even if it takes a few weeks extra.

  • It's nice too send out personal messages but honestly I don't think people would mind if you send a general thank you message out everyone will understand your be busy!

  • I know I would be a bit disappointed to get a generic message but wasn't sure if that was just me.

    I'll ask her if she can leave space for me to write on.

    Thanks ladies

  • I'd add something on the back.  I ended up with 3 lots of thank you cards as we got so many presents.  The last ones I got were postcard style and I put a hand written note on the back

  • I wouldn't do pre-printed personally.

  • Bridget Gump

    I always write and prefer to receive a personal note, even if it takes a few weeks extra.

    This. It's something I feel really strongly about. I always send handwritten thank you's for presents.

  • I think it's much nicer to write something. Doesn't have to be lengthy.  I think people understand that when you have a new baby you don't have lots of spare time but I still think it's nice to put a few written words down on a thank you card.

  • Thanks everyone. I've asked her to leave space for me to write on

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