Quick weaning question!

For those who did a mixture of finger foods and purées how did you do it? Did you do purées for one or two meals then finger foods for the remaining meals or did you do a bit of both at each meal? Thanks in advance! 


  • I usually do a bit of each at every meal. So for dinner P might have shepherds pie spoon fed but have steamed veggies to pick up and eat. I let her feed herself whenever practical but things that arent too messy like scrambled eggs i just put on her tray for her to feed herself x

  • We are doing a mixture but it is very hit and miss.   For breakfast she has porridge which i spoon feed.   For lunch, whcih she only really has if we are out and about as at home she would be napping, she will normally have half a squeezy pouch thing if she is showing signs of hunger or a play with bits of mine if she doesn't seem bothered.

    Dinner she normally has half a squeezy pouch while I am cooking dinner and then whatever we are eating.  she was getting really frustrated with feeding herself hence introducing the puree, although she is getting much better at it now and so doesn't always have the pouch.

    On a Tuesday Zoe has gymnastics and we don't get home until 6pm so I feed Orla a squeezy pouch whilst we watch.  That's probably the only day she doesn't have any finger food with it.

  • We did similar to MaisieMoo. If it didn't work out with whatever meal he was having then I did the finger food element with his snacks such as fruit and those melt in the mouth snacks you can get.

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