Rainy day activities for toddlers

What do your toddlers like to do?

F still has a relatively short attention span so things like play-doh, colouring, etc don't take up much time! He likes to read and generally just play with his cars, etc but I'd like some more ideas of things to do with him at home.

Please inspire me!


  • Jigsaws, play shops (he has a till, play food, baskets and a trolley. We also use stuff out of the cupboard)

  • I've started cutting out pics from magazines/catalogues, and putting them in a box and giving her a piece of paper and some glue. She loves picking out lots of different things and sticking them down, keeps her entertained for longer than colouring at the moment.

    Get a roll of old wrapping paper/wallpaper, spread it out on the floor for more messy painting

    Washing up bowl if water with lots of fairy liquid bubbles, and various cups/bowls etc for them to tip the water in and out of

  • Ak - how could I forget puzzles! F doesn't have a cash register but he likes playing with his friend's. Might be worth investing in one.

    Jellytot - love the idea of cutting out pics from magazines and letting him stick them down. He also loves playing with water so perhaps I should use that more.

  • WG I've got a bit addicted to it- instead of chucking the junk mail straight in the bin I now cut pictures out of it. Pick up the free supermarket mags as they have loads of pictures of food, items of clothing etc. also things off food packaging. Plastic lids , etc. the foil that Easter eggs come in is good (that's the reason that I've eaten about 10 eggs already, it's for the good of my child honest!)  

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