Raspberry leaf tea and all that jazz

Did anyone take the tablets?

what dose did you take and when did you start?

clary sage, what does this do? What is it?

Can you see how knowledgeable about alternative remedies I am!


  • Im taking rasberry leaf capsules (400mg) Started at 36 weeks taking 1, three times a day. Upped them last week at 37 weeks to 2, three times a day. I just take them when i eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner :-)

    No idea about clary sage.

  • What Gemini said about the RLT.

    With regards to clary sage, you should make sure its true Salvia Sclarea.  Its an emmenagogue which means it increases blood flow to the pelvic area, it can cause contractions. It is a very sedative oil and has anti depressant and euphoric properties. It is very powerful.

    I would add 5 drops to a bath from 38 weeks. You could also have a qualified aromatherapist make a blend for you to massage into your bump/lower back in the last few weeks and during labour.

    For ladies that come to me I tend to use

    20ml Grapeseed

    5ml Jojoba

    3 drops Clary Sage

    2 drops Lavander

    1 drop Jasmine

    1 drop Ylang Ylang

  • Oh and if you do add it to a bath, remember its oil so the bath can get slippery, watch yourself when getting out.

  • Thank you both!

    LR, can you use lavender oil in the bath after birth to help healing or would maybe tea tree work?

  • I would use both together. Lavender is a great healing oil and works for loads of things, tea tree is antibacterial and an immuno stimulant.  They compliment each other really well. I'd go for 4 drops of each in the bath.

  • Make sure the lavender is Lavender Officinalis and the tea tree is Melaleuca Alternifolia as those are the true essential oils, distilled correctly. You can buy cheaper oils which are mixed with alcohol but you won't get the therapeutic properties from them x

  • Thank you LR, you're a star x

  • I drank rlt from 36 weeks 3 cups a day. I'm rubbish at remembering to take tablets but never forget to put the kettle on ;) think I'm one of the few who thinks its yummy!

    I also had some clary sage but heard it was very potent and got too scared to use it.

    My waters went after drinking a cup of chocolate and chilli tea...just saying...
  • I'm another who unusually loved the raspberry leaf tea and wish I could start it now! I had several cups a day from 36 weeks, no idea if it worked but I pushed for only 30minutes so I'll be knocking it back again this time!!
  • I started the tea from 34 weeks and had planned to do tea plus capsules from 36 weeks but it got too hot to have tea so I just had the capsules. I think I went up to 3 a day by the end. I dilated 8cm in 3 hours so I'll definitely be trying them next time!

  • sorry to ressurect an old thread, but mrs p , what did you do in the end ? and AR when are you starting RLT ?

  • I asked my mw last week and she said 36 weeks. I knowmothers start earlier/get different advice but given we are already worried about him coming early im not taking the risk!

  • so if im induced at 38 weeks do you think i should start at 34 weeks ? is that tea or capsules

  • It's tea. I think the general consensus is that you should start before 36/35 at the earliest. Check with your mw though.
  • Ps I don't think time to start is related to distance before you'll give birth it's about proximity to term.
  • oh i see, thank you !

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