Reassurance please

A couple of hours ago I had a very weird incident in that I had a sudden very wet feeling, went to the loo and just as I got there some liquid/discharge ran down my leg. Nothing like the gush when my waters went with p but extremely disconcerting!! Put a pad in and it was pretty wet after half an hour or so. I rang triage twice and got no answer, they must be really busy (bloody good job I'm not in actual labour!). Now had another pad on an hour and it's completely dry. I'm at the hospital in th


  • ...the morning for my GTT anyway. Please can I have some reassurance it's nothing...perhaps I just wet myself or something gross!!! I'm only 28+3 it's way too early for anything scary!! I will keep trying triage just to run it by them but it's most likely nothing yes?!?!
  • I'm sorry I really don't know but keep trying triage. Hope everything is ok xx

  • Most likely nothing yes but please get checked just in case. Make you update xxx

  • Could be nothing but no I'm begging you to keep trying them.  I so sorry I don't want to scare you but waters can go stop start like that. I bet it's absolutely nothing but the joys of pregnancy  but I'd want that one quick check up to be told so xxx

  • Hope you can get through to triage soon AR , even if it's just for reassurance. Is there perhaps a switchboard number who can try to get hold of one of the midwives for you instead? Hopefully it's just one of those glamorous pregnancy things. xx

  • Oh AR, only just seen this. How are you now? Have you managed to get hold of a real-life person? I'm getting *lots* of wetness every day, lots, but if this not your norm then definitely best to get checked. Hope you're okay x

  • Not sure if you’ve got hold of anyone yet but I was told by triage that unless you are soaking through pads it’s most likely nothing to worry about. Hope you’re ok.

  • Hope you've managed to speak to someone.  I have been told that waters have a very distinctive smell (if I remember correctly the midwife described it as sweet smelling).

  • AR, hope you managed to get through to someone and are being or have been seen. Big hugs x

  • I hope you've seen someone at the hospital by now but was just going to add the same as JB, when my waters went they did have a very distinct sugary sweet smell. Hope your ok x

  • I hope it's nothing AR and that you've managed to get hold of someone. My waters had a slightly sweet almond-y smell. TMI?! Sorry! Let us know how you got on.

  • Hope everything is ok xxx

  • Thinking of you AR, Hope it was nothing xxx

  • Thanks ladies. Eventually spoke to triage who said as it's been dry for a couple of hours by then and I am going in this morning anyway they'd see me then. Unless anymore happened in night in which case I was to go straight there. Seemed fine over night so I'm sure it's nothing but will get checked over this morning.
  • I had exactly the same with P when i got out of bed and went to hospital to be checked out. I was absolutely certain my waters were going as i had a huge wet patch on my pjs (soery tmi) but it was discharge *grim*. You get loads more in later pregnancy!! Hope your check up goes ok xx

  • Glad everything seems okay and that you'll be checked out today just to be sure.

  • I've had loads of instances of extreme discharge. As I said mine has sometimes coincided with thrush so it could be something like that making it worse. Waters do have a distinctive smell, it's a bit like semen.

  • The mw doesn't seem too concerned. She said if your waters go at 28 weeks you generally know about it and they would be fairly continuous. So I have to keep an eye on it and if it gets to the point it runs again then they'll do an exam. Feel better now.
  • Pleased it all seems to be ok xxx

  • I was pretty wet during the final weeks of pregnancy. My google searches were all about how to tell if your waters had broken, what it looked like, smelt like etc! When they eventually went, boy did I know it!

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