Recommend me a bedtime story!

I like to read to E before she has her bedtime feed. Any recs for a book? I like the idea of something where the story is centred around it being end off the day/getting ready for bed.



  • Can't think of any that we read about the end of the day but I love Giles Andreae books, esp giraffes can't dance and the lion who wanted to be loved

  • disco loves a bed time story he's been having one since six months as part of our bedtime pattern.

    we rwad a lot of julia donalson, we also have Mr Men, Percy park keeper, and some lighthouse keeper books, all good though any rhyming ones work really well

    if you want bed time theme then good night moon is nice.

  • Don't have any bedtime specific ones, but we are also fans of Julia Donaldson, and each peach pear plum. I don't even need the book for the latter one now Weep

  • Guess how much I love you

  • Guess how much I love you here too! Although she gets quite excited by seeing the moon!

  • The elephant and the bad baby!


  • Peace At Last by Jill Murphy. F loves it and so did I when I was little!

  • We read 2 stories a night - one mr men and another. We like the giggle club books, Julia donaldsons Superworm is also a favourite. Night time specific ones we have are hurry up and slow down and the large family (can't remember what it's called, it's mr larges birthday)

  • Thanks everyone. I'm going to go to Waterstones in town later and see if I can flick through some of your suggestions :) Hoping to put up E's new book shelves this weekend too, I'm very excited!!

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