Recommend me your maternity jeans and tights!

As in the title, think I need to invest as my clothes are getting very uncomfortable especiallh by the end of the day when my bloat is in full swing!

Would like something that will last rather than be cheap.

Also what size do I order? I am normally an 8 but a 10 in smaller-fitting clothes and I have put weight on (a few pounds mainly on my ***/thighs!) so I'm thinking a 10?




  • That should read ar$e! X

  • I didn't buy many pairs of tights, but found New Look jeans the comfiest, and pretty cheap. In fact, most of my tops came from there too, and my work trousers. They were pretty true to size I reckon. Their website should tell you which branches stock maternity, probably best to go for a try on session and then order from home. As to whether they'll last, puality wise they probably will, but everybody expands differently, so you just never know. If the bigger size isn't too big, I'd probably go for that. My attitude was that it didn't matter as much if the clothes weren't perfectly fitting as it does when non-pregnant because I didn't feel I was looking my best anyway!

    PS - so glad to see you asking this question! It's been a long old journey for you!

  • Thanks QC!

    I have a New Look by me at work that stocks maternity so might have a wonder up there tomorrow lunch. It's annoying that most shops don't stick maternity! X

  • It is annoying. I ended up trekking all over London finding a New Look that stocked it, and H&M, a Debenhams etc. None of them were that close to each other! And also found that Next apparently no longer stock maternity anywhere.

    ASOS were pretty good too. I only bought dresses from there, a little on the big side size-wise.

  • I don't know about tights as just wore normal ones, the jeans I loved most were the topshop Leigh maternity jean. I'm usually a size 8 and got a maternity 10, bit big to start but lasted me until I was 42 weeks! They are a little more expensive (£36) I think, but I wore them for 6 months, a friend then borrowed them for 3 months and now another friend has had them for 2 months  and counting and they are still in fab condition!

  • I'm finding tights uncomfortable and I've gone up to a medium! I suspect my ar$e is growing by the second :(

    Thanks noodle that's really useful they sound very good quality! X

  • I have new look Jeans and over the bump leggings which have lasted well.

    My mat tights are from mothercare and I lived in them for work and they have lasted as well.

    Ive also bought dresses and tops from asos.

  • Topshop. I'm normally a 12 in jeans but had to get a 10 in these. I got one pair in 12 but they need pulling up constantly.

  • Mrs V - thanks that's really useful!

    Pep - thanks I'll bare the sizing in mind! X

  • i love H&M and their tights are fab !

  • Agree with Noodle - both of mine are the leigh ones (denim and black). I can definitely see them lasting me for the next time I'm hopefully pregnant. They look just like normal jeans too. I tried H&M ones but didn't get on with them - I found the waist band was too low and you could see it with all of my tops unless I pulled them down a lot more than I would usually.

  • My faves were skinnies from Matalan of all places. I bought my normal 12 but I put on some chunk in the form of cake by the end, so they got too small by about 7 months. I had some boyfriend type and some bootcuts from Next but I felt a bit like my mum in bootcut jeans and I find Next generous in sizing, so they kept falling down.

    I wear tights a lot for work and I had some great ones from Boots in black and nude with a massive bump panel.

  • H&m for tights and leggings. I didn't find any comfy jeans last time so not bothered this time!
  • I got all my tights from H&m. And I got jeans from them as well as new look and Primark and out of all the jeans I have to say the primark ones were the best

  • Wow thanks for all the recommendations! Sounds like there are quite a few good shops out there to consider! X

  • Jeans from Next and ASDA fit me best. H&M tights are fab ....I still have mine from last pregnancy they're that good quality, and come in a range of colours and styles x

  • Next relaxed skinny - I usually wear the original version & got the maternity ones at wkend in same size- so comfy with a nice stretch I think I'll get a good few months. £28

  • I got tights from both H&M and mothercare and preferred the Mothercare ones. Both lasted continuous wear but I felt the mothercare ones felt nicer on and were better quality. I got two pairs of new look mat jeans and one pair have been amazing and the other ill fitting. I found it bizarre as they look the same but are different colours - I thought they'd fit the same but they are totally different! For info the dark blue ones have been fab but the black not so much.

  • Top shop Leigh jeans, I've got two pairs. They're so comfy and fit really well.

    Tights I've got m&s, debenhams and new look. The m&s ones are the nicest, most comfy, best material and stay up.

  • I found mothercare over bump jeans really comfy and they fitted well. Just bought my usual size.
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