Recommend me your stage 1 car seat

It's time to face facts. W hasn't got long left in his car seat. After talking to some of you a while ago about it, his head is nearly at the top of his seat

What do you recommend for his next seat? He'll be about 8 months by the time we get the seat i think. I'd like one that'll face back and then forwards if possible, but open to other types out there!


  • We have the besafe izi combi isofix and love it

    Britax 1st class plus is another cheaper rf one thats popular x

  • Thanks CK! I'll take a look at those ones.

  • If I was buying now I think I'd go for the Britax Dualfix but it's very expensive,default,pd.html or the Joie stages,default,pd.html

    Both are rearfacing to 18kg.

  • If he is only 8 mths you are going to have to get a 0+/1 seat, to turn him forward he has to be a minimum of 9 mths AND 9kg AND able to sit unaided for 20 mins (might be 30 actually).  That's going to limit your choices really.  If you plan to keep rearfacing longer term - and it is worth looking at before making that decision - then you have a lot of options that have come on the market recently as the laws have changed to say that seats sold as stage 0 seats must fit up to 15mths.

    If you don't want to keep rear facing longer term then you have the Maxi Cosi Opal and Britax First Class.  We had the First Class as a seat in my mum's car for Zoe and it was very good, but the downside was Zoe grew out of it quite early as it isn't as tall as some of the other stage 1 seats when forward facing.

    We had a BeSafe Izi Combifix which was brilliant, and at the time we bought it around 4 years ago we felt it was the best on offer for us.  However I will caveat by saying that there are a lot more seats on the market now that would keep rear facing, personally i think we are going to be looking at the Britax Dualfix or the Maxi Cose 2way Pear when the times come to look at a seat for Orla

  • JB I've looked into the sitting unaided thing and can't fit any legal requirement for that, would you have a link for it? Some websites say its a good idea but it's very vague what I've read.

  • I also bought the rearfacing seat the BeSafe iZi Kid ISOfix.

  • I did used to have it saved somewhere but can't find it right now.  The law doesn't actually say at what point you should move a child but it says they must be in an "appropriate restraint".  

  • Britax state on their website that the child should be able to sit unaided or has reached the maximum height.

  • Thanks ladies, JB W can sit unaided for about half an hour, is well over 9kg, the only thing he isn't, is 9 months old

    We're looking for a seat we can face backwards for another few months and then turn it round.

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll continue to look. The Britax ones seem to be very popular!

  • S is nearly 8 months and 11kg. He's been in a britax first class plus rear facing for quite a while now, maybe 2 months? He was huge in the baby car seat so I had no choice! It is very bulky but once in the car it's fine

  • I had this dilemma and after much searching and trying different seats the only suitable seat I could get was the Maxi Cosi Opal. It's rearfacing until 13kg and looks very comfortable and feels sturdy. I would recommend although it is more expensive than the Britax First Class, I got it reduced to £155 which was the best deal I could find.

  • There have been several come out recently thzt id look at this time. The maxi cosi pearl 2 way being the too of the list.

  • We have a similar problem WH, he's just so big and is squashed in car seat

    AR I really like the pearl too. Think it's going to be a tough decision.

  • We moved E much earlier than I would have liked, to a maxi cosy pearl,  as our infant carrier broke and I needed something literally right away in stock at the boots as a replacement as it was taken as unsafe on the retail park.  Plan was she'd go back into RF but that never happened without a meltdown and by the time it was returned to us at 11.5 months,  Es head was level with the top.  In hindsight I know we'd have got another couple of weeks asa few cm before it was the top of her ears,  but at 12 months now she's much too tall for it, but she's 99th percentile and carries much of her height in her body.

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