Recommend me your stair gates!

Dull post I know but we need stair gates and I want cheap, easy but safe!

3 storey house so we'll need at least 3 gates. Don't want to have to fix anything permenantly into the wall. 

are the high street shops the best place to look?




  • We've got two lindam easy fit ones on the stairs though the one at the top still doesn't fit after an array of extenders!  and a travel portable one for anywhere else I may need it (either on living room or on kitchen / landing).

  • we went for a screw fix gate by babydan. the fixings are permanent, but tiny and the gate can lifted in one piece off when no longer needed. we tried a pressure fit gate but it made the bannister bow out when it was tightened and we worried that it would affect the stability of the stairs. the gate extends for different sized stairs, our stairs are slightly wider than normal. It opens and closes like a door and yuou don't have to step over a bar.

  • I've just bought a lindam one in tesco for £20. Really easy to fit too

  • We've got the Lindam version of the one Carole linked at the top and bottom of the stairs. They're great stair gates and really easy to fix in and use screw ones are actually easier to fit than pressure ones. We've got a pressure fit lindam one between the living room and kitchen.

    Screw fit -

    Pressure fit -

  • MinnieMouse

    I also need these! My LO is crawling, pulling up and into everything! I cannot leave him a second.

    What gates are better screw in or pressure fit? I really need to baby proof

    What have you got on coffee tables? My LO pulls up on it but I'm worried he'll crack his face/head :(

    i prefer screw fix. They feel safer to me (I've got both as I couldn't fit a screw fix one between my living room and kitchen). You can get foam or plastic corner covers to go on sharp corners. Kiddicare usually have a good selection of bits. I've stuck my coffee table in the corner though as that was easier!

  • Thank you, I've ordered from kiddicare. Not looking forward to living with stair gates though!

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