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Reflexology for starting labour

I am a big believer in baby coming when he/she is ready etc but I have also always fancied some pampering in the form of reflexology towards the end - and if it kick-starts things, then bonus!

I'm trying to work out when to book it. I'm not due yet, so it's not an overdue desperation to get baby out! However, we are ready for baby to arrive any time it likes now!

If I could actually pick my dates, I would, because my parents (who live very close by and are extremely supportive, and will help a lot with things like cleaning and cooking after the baby arrived) are going on 2 different holidays, in between now and my due date - with just a small window of 4 days between them! Of course, that would be too convenient...!

If you had reflexology, when did you have it and how soon after did labour start for you?


  • I had reflexology from 37 weeks, they won't do it (or mine wouldn't) till 37 weeks, I'e the induction of labour type. I had him by crash section under general at 41+3 having never actually gone into labour. I don't believe it works, but it was vvvv relaxing so I didn't actually mind having it done and it was nice to be pampered

  • I did have it again at ov time when ttc Isaac and got a bfp that month but whether it was the reflexology or my cbfm I don't know Laugh, if you aren't too fussed about whether it works then I'd just try it its very relaxing I thought and its nice to get some you time iyswim

  • I had it booked for 40+6 and she was born at 40+5, so just booking it worked here Laugh

    I've heard good things about it (hence booking it) and if the worst that happens is you have a relaxing pampering session then so be it.

  • I had it a couple of times at 40+1 and 41 didn't bring on labour for was super relaxing though and did help with my swollen feet...

    I ended up being induced at 41 +5.  

  • I was another one who had reflexology but still had to be induced. It was wonderful relaxation through. I only had two sessions, one at 39+5 and another at 40+3. I have heard that for it to be more effective you should have it more regularly starting at about 37 weeks

  • I had it all the way through my pregnancy for SPD. After 37 weeks she worked on the labour hormone points and i had my last session the week before labour. P came a week early. I did have a pregnancy back and shoulder massage on the Tuesday before P arrived and contractions started 2 hours later!!

  • It didn't work for me either. I had it at 39+5 and was induced at 40+4. It was relaxing but I would have enjoyed a back massage more at that stage!

  • Holistic treatments can't put you into labour, they may help things along a bit quicker if you are ready though and certainly won't do any harm. Something a relaxing reflexology, massage, Indian head just relaxes you enough for your body to start.

    There are pressure points on your trapezius, hand and ankle that can all help start you off but again you need to be ready. I won't touch these points until my client is 37+ weeks.

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