Reflux and Weaning

Just a pondering after something my mom said but I was just wondering if any of you weaned earlier than 6 months due to their little one having reflux? If so, did it help? 

I wouldn't do it any earlier than 17 weeks and we're a way off that yet so this is just a musing really! 



  • I have an idea WorkingHard might have done? I could be totally wrong! We didnt need to with P as the meds and Nutramigen helped loads. I have a feeling someone else on here did but said it didnt help anyway. I guess its something to discuss with your GP/Paediatrician when the time comes as weaning early can come with its own issues too....xx

  • Yes I did with number 1 on recommendation of paediatrician at 17 weeks- only 8 weeks corrected as he was 9 weeks early! Only fruit and veg very puréed for first 3 months though but it made a hell of a lot of difference. More difference than just the drugs.

    This time I weaned a few weeks early but his reflux isn't as bad.

    I don't regret it one bit but I wouldn't have done it for no good reason as frankly weaning is a faff!
  • Thanks both, I'm definitely in no rush to go through weaning again. I think I'm just trying to think of what I can do next if the nutramigen and the meds doesn't help x

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