Reflux are we all getting on??

How are we all?

We aren't doing too bad. O is still on ranitidine and Gaviscon. We switched him back to Comfort milk from lactose free reluctantly but I have to say he is doing ok on it. Draining 6oz bottles so we have gone up to 7oz today. Symptoms are still there but his pain seems to be better on this current cocktail, and he seems settled enough. Obviously he has his moments, as we all do, but on the whole he is doing better than I expected.

Whats going on in your neck of the woods xxx Hope everyone is doing ok, and no one has murdered their GP yet!!


  • That sounds better Munchkin. If it gets worse don't ever think you shouldn't go see your GP. Has your little one got a lactose allergy or dairy allergy? 

    N has just started back on ranitidine, at 18 months old! Yesterday he had a small vomit and he's always coughing. I can see us going back for omeprazole if this doesn't work. We saw the allergy consultant this week and he now has an inhaler to add to everything else as he gets wheezy.

    Also spoke to the dietician about re-introducing milk and getting him off the Neocate.

  • We have finally been referred to a paediatrician as P seems to be intolerant to something. We still have days where she cries inconsolably for hours but luckily we get more good days than bad. The diarrhoea is still really bad too.

  • Glad to hear everyone seems to be improving or at least getting somewhere.

    F is on Nutramigen AA milk, I have tried him back on the Lipil but his rash and mucousy nappies came back straight away. He is on 10mg of omeprazole a day which I can increase to 15mg if required. I am also thickening his bottles a bit with carobel. He still has bubbles coming up but doesn't seem to be in pain although he does scream from what I think is trapped wind so I suppose it could be reflux, I'm just not sure! Might try again increasing the does to see if he can tolerate it and if it does anything.

    Had a check up with a different GP yesterday who is referring us to hospital so that he can have formal allergy testing and we can get advice on weaning which she suggested may need to be done early.

    Not sure if I am just getting used to things, the medication is working or he is just growing out of things but his pain definitely doesn't seem as bad. Hopefully the wind will reduce as he gets a bit older as well!.

  • Glad to hear that some progress is being made for you guys. Hope things continue to improve.

    We are feeling really lucky - E had her cleft lip operation last week and we have not needed to re-introduce gaviscon post-op, we thought she might be growing out of the reflux (it was obviously mild by comparison to most of you), but there is also a theory that now she is taking on less air when she feeds that the stomach valve is less irritated.  Keeping fingers crossed that things don't get worse again!

  • It appears I might be a new member of the club, well this time around.  As soon as Orla was showing signs I went and bought Enfamil AR for her as this was a wonderdrug for Zoe, but it seems it was a bit too powerful and whilst all the reflux was sorted she became very constipated.  She is now on Gaviscon and ready made formula, the powder makes her constipated, and it is slightly better but not totally gone.   I expect that the gaviscon will probably only work for a few weeks and then we'll be back.

    It has been suggested by a friend who is a BFC that she may have a tongue tie and this can often cause reflux like symptoms.  It does look like it to me comparing to photos on line but no one is bothered within the NHS as she is't breastfed, however we are going to explore having it looked at privately.  Initially I just want someone to look and tell me if she does or doesn't have one.  

  • Glad everyone is making progress.

    S is generally comfortable but this past week has been sick a lot. I suspect I just need to up the domperidone and ranitidine dosage as it was last calculated on him being 7kg and I think he's more like 8.5 now. He's still on enfamil when he has a bottle

  • Jb I think sock chickens A had her tongue tie done privately as nhs wait was ridiculous. Done the next day iirc

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