Reflux Meds - how long?

A was prescribed renatadine and donperidone on Monday by the paediatrician and we started them that evening. She is said it would be 2-3 days before they would take affect.

Whilst I have noticed a small improvement in her, she's still very unsettled and crying a lot.

For those that have had these or similar prescribed, how long did it take for them to properly work? 

I don't know if I'm expecting too much too sono or they're just not working for her.





  • How old is she? With baby one they made a slight improvement with a week or so but certainly didn't completely eliminate it. His was silent reflux. With number 2 they made a dramatic difference in about a week too. He's sick with his reflux but is far more comfy on the drugs. I can tell when his dose needs adjusting by how much he's sick now. Are you bf or ff? I've mix fed both mine and they've have enfamil AR for their ff. Hope the drugs help as it's a horrible disorder

  • About a week with N. He's 20 months and still on ranitidine! Give it time. If it really really doesn't work the next drug to try is omeprazole. N was on it temporarily. Don't forget you need to get the dose adjusted as they put on weight.

  • Erm they never worked with Henry. No improvement. Obviously it was because his 'silent reflux' was a result of the cows milk allergy but we had to try the meds first. Went straight onto omeprozol which is meant to be the daddy when it comes to reflux but it didn't touch his symptoms. Only when on neocate did he change and become happy and content!

  • Thanks all, i guess we'll just have to give it a bit longer. Its just so hard as you all know when your baby is crying and there's nothing you can do. Every minute is like an hour :-( WH, I can't believe you've been through 2 with it - that must have been really hard for you x

  • Does anyone know, if colic is a symptom of their reflux will they still grow put of around the 3/4 month mark or does it stay until they've outgrown the reflux?

  • I'd hoped number one had was down to him being so early!

    Are you sure it's actually colic? No 1 was very uncomfortable after feeds especially which was actually the reflux.

    In the end we were advised by the paeds to wean at 17 weeks which helped massively and is say he was off the meds by about 6 months or so

  • She just seems to have a really unsettled/crying lots period from about 5 to about 9/10 and we were told this could be colic as a symptom of the reflux? I honestly have no idea any more! Did you find that the reflux got worse as the day went on?

  • Sorry I'm not tying to p!ss on anyone's bonfire but I think it's just worth bearing in mind...

    Henry was worse in the evening which if I'd have listened to the drs, would have thought it colic, but it was actually a build up of all the milk throughout the day culminating in a massive screaming fit for hours at night with no way to calm him down

  • Also colic isn't a symptom of reflux. As far as I'm aware and have researched? Unless you see a paed the drs are really bloody clueless usually xx

    ETA just reread that it was a paed you saw. Never heard the colic being related thoigh

  • Yup, evenings were definitely worse for reasons as missus s said

  • Thanks Missus S. Am I right in thinking its a cows milk allergy Henry has? Is the only

    To diagnose that to try the special milk? I think it was a HV who told me about the colic thing, plus H is convinced. I think it's more that she's [email protected] from not sleeping all day and is overtired but that build up of milk sounds pretty spot on too. It's all so confusing cause all the symptoms for everything are so similar!

  • They are all similar it really is trial and error. Yes he has a cows milk protein allergy. But for 10 weeks we were told it was colic, then silent reflux, until I read enough about it myself and demanded he tried specialist milks and after a few trips to a and e as I couldn't stand to see him in that much pain.

  • Hi mamaD,  I have been following your posts recently as my baby sounds very similar to yours.  We have been diagnosed with reflux and were prescribed infant gaviscon.  My baby was being sick alot and the gaviscon kept most of it down.  But she was still so unsettled, would only cat nap in the day and needed to be held all the time.  Once we had started on the gaviscon, it made her crying so much worse and she spent most of her awake time crying, it was awful for her and me not being able to console her.  The gp said it was colic related and sent us to the hv.  The hv was helpful and told us to try sma comfort milk.  We did and each time she had her milk she would come out in a rash on her face and down her back.  Luckily we were back at the gp for our 6 week check a couple of days later, so I mentioned the rash and along with her other symptoms he agreed with me that she could be intolerent to milk protein and prescribed us nutramigen to trial.  I had been saying from the start that I felt the formula was an issue.  So we have been on nutramigen for 5 days now and I have a very different baby.  She is so much happier, she sleeps well, plays well and we have none of the crying we had before.  It is still early days for us but I'm hoping that this is the answer.  I've waffled on a bit but if those drugs do not help, maybe you could suggest a possible trial of a hypoallergenic milk.

  • Also to add I think you need to find a good gp, we have seen a paed doctor for the initial diagnosis of reflux and then were to follow up with the gp.  The gp has prescribed us this milk and has referred us back to the hospital.  My little girl is 9 weeks old now and has taken lots of trips to sort it out.  I know how tiring it is.  I hope that your baby starts to improve soon too.

  • N screamed in the evenings, from 6pm every night! He has a cmp allergy too.

  • That's really interesting - how did you all get diagnosed? Was it just going on the special milk and seeing if that helped? My docs are absolutely useless - I had one doc tell me I just had a fussy baby and would have to put up with the crying and if it wasn't for some great advice from little madam I wouldn't have even seen the paediatrician yet!

  • I went to the GP who luckily had an interest in babies. You have to find the right GP, I cannot stress this enough! She was the one who suggested a milk that might help his reflux. Then he got eczema and we were referred to a dietician.

    However I did have one GP who refused to prescribe me ranitidine and another who told me that N would grow out of eczema and just to moisturise him. I nearly cried so we paid privately to see a dermatologist who took one look at N, told us his eczema covered 98% of him and the GP was talking bollocks. We also saw a paediatrician. So through those people and my good GP we tried three different milks and various medicines. Oh sorry I forget to mention we also see an allergist! Eventually we got on the right stuff, reflux meds and Neocate and a ton of eczema creams.

  • Can I ask a stupid question - does comfort milk contain less cows milk protein? I know it has less lactose but wasn't sure about this. All this talk of cows milk protein allergy has really got me thinking....

  • I've no idea. However it's not necessarily the amount that causes a problem, the hydrolysed formulas such as Aptamil Pepti and Nutramigen still contain cmp but its broken down so more easily digestible. Neocate doesn't contain any as its amino acid based.

  • I was just wondering as there was a very slight improvement to start with when we tried the comfort milk but I thought that may have been because it was slightly thicker than normal milk. I didn't realise a cmp allergy was so complicated in itself. I will have to do soon googling tonight!

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