Reflux questions - please help

A has been bringing milk back up after feeds and generally struggling and crying in pain around feed times for a week now. The doctor suggested reflux and prescribed infant gaviscon for him. I have lots of questions if anyone can help:

How long should it take for me to see if it's having a difference? We started yesterday morning and this morning he is still being sick (although I know that can continue with the gaviscon) and is currently writhing around screaming. How many doses before it helps him? How long do I give it before deciding if I need to go back to the doctor?

He is bf so has it in a bottle, my instructions say give mid feed but he screams if taken off the boob so have been giving before a feed instead, will this be making a difference?

How long does it take before you get used to the crying? I can't bear to hear him in pain and am really not coping well, especially when H is at work. I end up in floods of tears and really can't carry on like this for however long it takes him to grow out of it. It is so so hard and I feel broken.

After he is sick and while it is hurting he is desperate to get back on the boob again. But then he'll often arch and squirm and cry while latched on (ouch ouch ouch) so am I doing the right thing feeding him again or am I actually making it worse?

When he's asleep he will grunt and strain and kick most of the night - normal for a refluxy baby?

Please help, I can't tell you how much I want all of this to go away :(


  • Our GP told us to give the gavison at least a week, we didnt give with everyfeed as he was BF and wouldn't take it out of syringe. cup, in the end we made it with water then mixed it with a bit of expressed breast milk and gave in bottle towards the end of his evening cluster feeding.

    I think it did help him when he took it on really bad days I would give to him in middle of the day as well and he would be more setteled after.

    Other things that helpped were the sling so he could stay up right as much as possible we also hade a very upright baby bouncr which I would put him in stright after a feed if I couldnt sit holding also propping up one en of his crib at night and letting fall aslepp on us for a good 20min before putting him in crib.

    none of these were a magic solution but they all helpped a little bit.

    I really feel for you the unhappiness in the day is horrid but it does get better eventually.

    I should also say disco had silent reflux I dont know if that makes any difference

  • Hi, TT! I really feel for you as my A was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks and we've been trying to get it under control since. It really is heartbreaking for any mum to go through. We were originally prescribed gaviscon but it did nothing but make her constipated. After trying everything to rule it out, we eventually got referred to a paediatrician and she is on renitadine and domperidone and also nutramigen milk. In my experience I find that I can tell by about the 5th day whether something is working but I know the doctors generally like you to try things for about 2 weeks. Don't be afraid to be pushy and keep going back if you're not happy and don't be fobbed off - remember you're his mummy and you know your baby best. I found posting on here loads really helped as there's so many others that have been through it and can give advice and experience. I really hope you start to see an improvement soon x

  • Oh TT have a hug and come join me and MamaD on the quest for a reflux solution :)

    S tried gaviscon but it didn't help. I think you'd start to see an improvement in a few days so if you do, give it a bit longer but don't be afraid to make a nuisance of yourself at the doctors if you don't think it's working.

    The arching is an absolute killer I know. I read that they often feed to soothe the pain caused by the acid so I don't think there's anything wrong with letting him feed aga
  • You don't get used to the crying tbh :( have you got people that can come and see you while your H is at work? You must keep busy and don't be afraid to go out otherwise you'll crack up.

    I've been going to a baby and toddler group and it's been a lifesaver. I've met other mums who have reflux babies and there are always people who will cuddle S even when he's crying so that I can drink a cup of tea.

    Keep posting on here too, sadly there are lots of us with refluxy babies!
  • Me and Popcorn post pretty much daily to see how we're getting on and offer an ear and a shoulder so you're welcome to join us! I'd like to say the more the merrier but there's nothing merry about having a refluxy baby x

  • Thanks everyone.

    I have another gaviscon question - A needs 2 sachets per dose. The leaflet says don't give more than 6 times per 24 hours. Does this mean 6 doses or 6 sachets? Because if 6 sachets he can only have 3 doses per day.

    I don't want to give it every feed in case of constipation so I've been trying to target specific feeds that seem to give problems but need to juggle this a bit as I don't quite have it right yet. He has just thrown up spectacularly all over the floor, and done a poo at the same time, then promptly fallen asleep. I don't have the heart to wake him so he's sleeping in his bouncer in his own poo and a damp sleepsuit :( Still he didn't seem too distressed, just a bit surprised, so I guess that's something.

    This is only day 2 of gaviscon so I am trying to stay hopeful although time with a baby is very strange and so every minute feels like a lifetime - as a result I want an instant solution for him even though I know I need to be patient.

    I am trying to get out and about but mornings often involve a lot of drama so how on earth do you even manage to get dressed, never mind being somewhere by a certain time?

  • Hmm, S was only having one sachet, I thought that classed as a dose so he should be having that three times a day. Can you call your gp to check? I never gave S more than 4 sachets a day and he didn't get constipated, his poos were like peanut butter though!

    As for getting out in the mornings, I get H to make my porridge the night before, I wear the easiest possible clothes to put on, don't bother with makeup and don't stress about being places on time too much!
  • A is over 10lbs now and that's when the dose goes up from one to two sachets. However he is only just over that and his reflux is relatively mild so I may try single sachets with every feed rather than double sachets every other time.

    Right I am going to wake him up as he's done another poo! Plus the sooner we start the evening cluster feeding the sooner he will be full and happy and we can all go to bed!

  • I would take it as one sachet = 1 dose but as popcorn suggests, maybe check with your GP or even the pharmacist.

    I totally empathise with how you're feeling - it's not a case of being impatient, every second feels like an hour when you have a baby crying with reflux that can't be comforted. As Popcorn says, just do what you need to do to get by. I've given up caring that I'm still in my pj's and dressing gown when someone visits at 11am!

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