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Refusing a bottle

S is now nearly 14 weeks and has been solely breastfed from birth and I have decided I would like to start mix feeding. We started trying on Friday evening but have not managed to give a bottle yet as he keeps refusing it. We have been trying once a day, me feeding, H feeding, my mum feeding but he won't take it from any of us. I am going to leave the room tonight whilst H try's to see if it makes a difference ......


  • We're using TT closer to nature at the mo but someone has suggested nuk so will get some of them tomorrow.

    Has anyone got any other ideas?? I'm struggling with this, I've enjoyed bf up until now but feel like I want a bit of me time back and it doesn't look like I'm going to get it any time soon!!!
  • No experience but I was going to say you leaving the room whilst they try the bottle, and a different brand maybe. I've heard the MAM ones can be quite good too! Hope it goes ok tonight

  • I will be watching this thread and praying for a magical solution as B is 17 weeks and refuses the bottle. What works one day doesn't the next for us.

    Things I've tried so far ( they haven't worked for us but might for you)

    You leave the room.

    You leave the house.

    Do it at someone else's house.

    Wait until she's really hungry.

    Try it before she gets hungry

    Very warm milk

    Quite cool milk

    Different bottles/teats.

    Different teat sizes

    A cup

    While she is asleep- this one worked really well the first time but not the second time.

    Good luck! Xx

  • One of my NCT friends had the same problem. The other ladies suggested Dad doing the feed which you have obviously tried. Dropping some milk on their top lip ti encourage him to open his mouth or starting on the boob then switching to the bottle. Not long term solutions but might help getting started!
  • Thanks JT some good suggestions - I'm going to buy a doody cup tomorrow to try.

    H has just tried again while I put our D to bed but he was having none of it so I'm now feeding, I've just tried putting the bottle in his mouth as he's falling asleep but he noticed straight away and started getting worked up.

    How often should I try, I'm currently trying once or twice a day?
  • We had this with Isla. We had to switch to bottles when she was 8 months because she was biting me the only bottle she would accept was playtex drop ins with old fashioned latex teat . Bought from amazon. Give them a try.
  • Thanks mrs B, I've just looked at the playtex bottles, they look good and have great reviews! So I need to buy a bottle and the liners?

    Will get the nuks from town tomorrow but if they don't work I'll order the playtex. X
  • My baby was given a bottle with ebm as a top up since birth but then refused them about 5 months. It's taken me until he is 8 months to get him to take one again reliably. Sometimes he took them randomly between 5 and 8 months but 99% it was refused. One day I was out with a md'er and he was hungry so I offered a bottle whilst telling her it was pointless and he took it!  He does only take 3oz usually from a bottle but his milk feeds from me had greatly reduced anyway. I use Mam bottles. There was no difference the day he took it, I didn't do anything different so still surprised why he accepted it.

    Just keep trying but I'd maybe only try one other bottle and then stick with it for a few weeks before trying something else. Oh and my baby preferred the bottle from me.

    Have you tried using ebm and formula?

  • Yes the plastic bottle and liners. we used the bag liners not the preformed ones and a fast flow teat. You put the bag inside the plastic bottle bit and fold over rim. Non of it needs sterilising. New bag for each feed. You just need to boil the teat for 5 mins before first use.
  • We had this with p and it was a nightmare. She preferred it from me than H, despite what most people find. You just have to keep going, in the end I gave up frommonths 3-6 as it ws more hassle than trying. The only thing that worked was swapping to formula at 7 months, apparently that was ok for hervand we never had another problem.  I hope you find something that works though, kellymom website has some good tips too.

  • Just thought i would give a bit of an update. I bought a Nuk bottle yesterday and H tried feeding last night while I put I to bed. He had a bit of a play with the teat but then just cried. I tried when I cam down stairs and again he played with it and had a couple of sucks (no crying). It was as if he didn't like the milk so will try my milk in it tonight, fingers crossed!!! So I'm not feeling completely disheartened with it all yet!
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