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Requesting Part-time hours after maternity leave - help with wording on form

I need to fill out a form to request flexible working. There's a section asking about the impact this will have on the business/staff, my work haven't covered my role at all with temporary staff and I want to say something about this as they'll have more cover when I go back iyswim? I'm quite confident that it'll get approved but I obviously want as much of a case as possible!

Any help appreciated :-) xx


  • Identify the parts of your role which may be affected the most. Depending on the days you plan to work, what is likely to come up in the days when you are not there? Obviously you want to keep the main parts of the your role so I would say something along the lines of:

    I will be able to cover x, y and z during the days I am working. There will need to be additional support for a and b.

    You could identify how those parts could be covered off in the existing team.

  • There are some sample FWR's on the BT Wiki - look for the Working Mums section.

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