Reusable breast pads

Hi ladies,

Reckon I need to make sure I'm organised sooner rather than later

I think I want to use reusable breast pads this time round - I used disposables last time and I remember them feeling horrible against my skin.  So just looking for recommendations please? 


  • I use the little lambs ones,  they're fab

  • Cheers Ally.  How many did you need for the early days?  

  • Little lambs here too. Didn't use them in the early days I'm afraid (used disposables which were horrid and itchy! never again!) but IIRC you get a bundle of five pairs which is probably enough if you're washing every day (likely with a newborn I imagine). I got the 'large' size as I have FF-cup boobs and they were great, not too big at all and I think I'd have struggled with the normal size.

    They are very thin and don't look like they will hold anything, but they are really good. Think they have a waterproof layer inside as well.

  • I just bought one pack - either 5 or 6 pairs,  can't remember.  That's done me fine as we do a washing pretty much every day

  • Another vote for Little Lambs, I have two packs (12 pairs I think) which is plenty and allows for spares in the changing bag too. I wash them with my cloth nappies, every other day.

  • Cheers ladies, I ordered a pack last night so that should do me then. Plus my sis gave me some disposables she had left over so that'll be back up if Im not organized with washings x

  • Thanks Margot. I'll see how I go then with one pack and may buy a second pack if need be

  • I'm the same, I used disposable last time and have bought little lamb this time . So much nicer. I've got five pairs and that's plenty as the washer is on every day

  • Cheers JT. I ordered some last night about 11pm and have a despatch email already, how's that for service!

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