Reuseable wipes

doesSeles anyone use them? how do you use them when out the house? Do you wet them and carry them damp? Do you have a wet bag for clean and one for dirty? How many do you have?

I tend to have packs of wipes everywhere. Even with a 5 and 3 year old, I use them in the car, all over the house in work etc. so how would that work?

 Thanks x


  • I use them, I have a wet bag for dirty ones with a pocket on the front for clean ones. I have about 60 and have never come close to running out. I use a small spray bottle to wet them, filled with Camomile tea.

  • Yes and it's one of te best baby buys for sure, I LOVE them. Thought I'd try as I was using a round 2 packs a week now he's weaning- face and also his poo. Now I can manage an explodapoo with one 'cheeky wipe', it's really amazing.

    You can buy double wet bags so you can put clean damp wipes in and also soiled wipes in another compartment. Mine was a few quid off tiny nippers website. I also have a wet bag come with my change bag so I bought a mini 'monkey foot' wet bag I take a few out or in a small bag. About 5 wipes would last you all day!

  • Do you carry the spray bottle out with you?

    The camomile would be lovely on their skin. Love that idea!

  • I just take mine out the wet box and wring out so they're still damp not soaking. The oil you use is also a mild preservative so they don't go musty

  • Yes, I use it at home as well as out, it's one of the little travel size bottles.

  • Thank you both.

    Is it Cheeky wipes you both use? I've seen fleece homemade ones on eBay etc aswell so is there a difference? I'm thinking ill order some to try on the mucky 3 year olds face before baby arrives.

    I'm an aromatherapist so thinking a drop of tea tree could be good on them as well.

  • Tea tree could be slightly harsh on the skin, they recommend a blend of lavender and chamomile although tea tree is used to soak the mucky wipes (if you aren't goon to be chucking in a nappy bucket)

    I use cheeky wipes the microfibres on face and cotton terry on bums. I looked at cheapy wipes but read some negative reviews on fleece smearing poo although good on face

  • Thank you, that's a help.

    I've see. Some that are bamboo on one side and fleece on the other. Have you tried those

    Yeah tea tree can be skin sensitising, I was thinking more on the dirty ones in a wash bag.

  • I'm using small muslin squares - Mothercare sell them in a pack of 50 calling them top and tail muslins.

  • I bought the cheeky wipes kit and absolutely love it.  

  • I have cheeky wipes bum kit + extra set of cloths for bums, and a hands and faces kit. Wouldn't be without them, they're so much better at getting poo than disposable wipes!

  • I don't wet mine. I wet as i need otherwise i found they got damp and smelly. We have a mixture of cheeky wipes and other brands. Cheeky wipes being the first to wear down.

  • We use cheeky wipes for bums and faces here but I am not organised enough to use them outside of the house as I like to keep the change bag all ready to go to save time and the reusable wipes can get smelly if left for too long. Am liking the idea of taking them out dry though and wetting as required.

  • I use Cheeky Wipes as well, the towelling ones for bums and the fleecy ones for hands and face. I don't bother with the essential oils as it was affecting L's bum (but I'll have to try out the chamomile idea). When out n about, I grab enough wipes for both children, around 10, wring them out a little and pop them in a wipe bag (I use the Planet Wise one as it hasn't leaked). I use cloth nappies as well so the dirty wipe can go in with them in a wet bag, but you can get specific dirty wipes bag from Cheeky Wipes if you're using disposables.

  • Thank you all. Big help!

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