Rockclimbingtigger - has anyone heard anything?

Was just thinking about RCT and wondered how her LO was? anyone heard anything since her last post?


  • She's posted on FB yesterday, and I'm sure she won't mind me updating.

    Seems there is some good news - J's EEG and MRI were clear, and they are hoping to extubate him today depending on how he got on overnight.

    I'll send her a message that you're asking after her. x

  • Thanks deedee for letting me know about the thread.

    As deedee rightly said j's MRI and EEG were clear which is good news. They're hoping to extubate today, but we'll see as his tidal volumes are bad and he's been desaturating a bit. I think they'll probably try but I think he'll be reintubated by tonight! Will update after the ward round.

    Thanks all for your continued support and thoughts. Xxx

  • I'm glad J's MRI and EEG were clear, that's great news. I hope there's more good news very soon. Thinking of you x

  • Ah thanks for the updates I'm glad that they came back clear just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and your family xxx

  • such a rollercoaster for you. x

  • Will keep fingers crossed for tonight x

  • Will keep everything crossed for tonight x

  • Thanks all.

    Joshua was extubated at about 7pm and is currently breathing on his own. He's currently in 70% oxygen to keep his sats up so we may be heading towards a bit of cpap or bipap to help. No comments on fb please for those who know me as he*may* be reintubated by morning.

    Em x

  • Hope he doesn't need reintubated RCT, lots of get well soon wishes to J x

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