Safe bumper for crib?

Do they exist? I thought I had heard about a wrap with air holes in or something? But can't remember details. Sam has started whacking his arms against the crib bars and waking himself up, four times last night, it all felt a bit newborn again!! He has been sleeping in his poddle pod but a bit too big for it now so is perhaps just getting used to being in just the crib, though if that isn't the case I suspect we might need something to pad it a little.

The big cot won't fit in our room or we'd put him in that so he was free to express himself!



  • It's called an air wrap and you can get it to suit cots with closed ends or cots that have bars the whole way round.  We have them and I was really sceptical when they arrived as they're not really padded, just mesh really, but they did the trick for us!


    Did you get both the poddle and toddler pod? The standard cot bumpers aren't frowned upon now by SIDS

  • we've got one from Ikea ( - apparently SIDS don't consider cot bumpers a risk and the materials they are made from have now moved on significantly from when they were first around, so the materials are now breathable.

  • Had never heard of a poddle pod till this thread, actually, and now I have googled, I majorly want one!

  • Thanks everyone, that's super news about SIDS, I have a cot one from Dunelm, wonder if its now considered safe then, does SIDS say any new bumper is ok?

    TP I just got the toddler one as knew 0-6 wouldn't last long with him! He's fine when I put him in but after a long stretch he has usually slipped down and looks uncomfy, head and neck wise, and a bit trapped. Not sure it's good for him now for long sleeps as he can't stretch out. He does sleep well in it though but I'm trying to be brave and get rid at night, despite the disruption to our sleep!

    CV They do look fab, and Sam loves his. Wish there was an adult version!

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