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Scarlet Fever

O has had a terrible night tonight and after a call to nhs24 we are just home from the hospital and he has scarlet fever. Poor wee guy has been in such a state tonight, he's just fallen asleep and is exhausted. 

Does anyone have any experience of it? Also any tips for getting him to take the penicillin? He's hating it!


  • Oh lovey I'm sorry to hear that. I have no experience or advice to offer, just wanted to wish him well soon xxx

  • Thanks ladies, he's not had a good night!

    JJ he has CMPI so we are dairy free so all the good stuff are a no go! I might try putting it in a little bit of fruit purée, I tried just from the syringe last night = disaster and this morning I tried giving it to him through the bottle teat and I think I'm wearing about a third of it!

    This isn't going to be easy!

  • How is O doing? Have you managed to get any penicillin into him? Hope he's better x

  • Hey lovey,

    Yeah, I'm giving him it in 2oz of formula and he's taking it fine. He's totally out of sorts, he wants to play with something then doesn't and is getting himself upset, plus he looks like I've dropped him in a bush of jaggy nettles! His temperature is coming down and I didn't think he was quite as hot this morning so hopefully he will start to feel better soon. Thanks for asking.

    And how's my pester baby doing!?x

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