Second pregnancy...did you start showing sooner?

Hi ladies!

I'm only 8 weeks today and already I have a small definite bump and my trousers around my waist are feeling extremely snug already!! 

This is is my second pregnancy and I don't remember showing with my daughter till at least 12 weeks, my Mum panicked me yesterday and said...maybe it's twins! EekLaugh

So has anyone experience the same second time around? When did you start showing? 

Thanks in advance Smile


  • I've only been pg the once, but I think it's quite common to show earlier on any subsequent pregnancies so don't worry too much x

  • WDDS

    congratulations BTW

  • Congratulations! Yes I started showing a lot earlier with no. 2 at around 18 weeks. whereas first time I had a definite bump at 24/25 weeks
  • Congratulations! Definitely yes, I looked 20 weeks by 9 weeks, when I announced my pregnancy at work last week not a single person was surprised as I was completely incapable of hiding it.

  • Yes loads earlier. First time I didn't show until about 14 weeks maybe later. This time it was from 8 weeks. We chose to tell close friends and family early and it's a good job as it was obvious to anyone who knew me from 9 weeks. I was in maternity jeans from 9 weeks. At 14 weeks I has a very big bump- a couple of total strangers asked when I was due

  • Thanks all, that's what I'm worrying about Spikey...I'm never going to keep this quiet (particularly from work) till 12 weeks the rate I'm growing!!!

  • Somebody likened it to having an empty balloon that's already been blown up before. It stretches much easier

  • Congrats!!! And yes, definitely earlier. I was 15-16 weeks before you could see anything first time around, but grew from really early on this time around.

  • I was about 10 weeks when I started showing 2nd time round, whereas it was about 15 weeks for the 1st time round.

  • This is my second pregnancy and I am 28 weeks this week, I have had loads of people saying recently 'not long to go' 'nearly there' etc, and they seem shocked when I say I have got to last until the end of February! Around 10 weeks I was convinced it was twins as I was already showing loads, where as first pregnancy you couldn't tell until around 20 weeks! I did research it by the way and it said that your bump wouldn't be bigger with twins that early on as the embryos are so tiny anyway, so it is due to it being a second pregnancy!

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