Self indulgent post - my woven arrived this morning!

And within 5 mins A was asleep. Not a bad attempt for my first try

Sorry they're sideways. Can't figure out how to rotate on my phone. 


  • Lovely! I love my wraps :) So snuggly!

  • Looks great!

    And co incidentally your pics popped up on my Facebook newsfeed (via the sling group)! I looked at your pics and thought, hmm I've seen these before lol! (My initials are LS)

  • Ooo love it :-)

  • Thanks. It took me about 10 attempts to get there. Contemplating going for a walk just so I can try it out properly! haha! She keeps trying to wriggle out of it though which I'm assuming is due to not being carried regularly. I haven't carried her for about 7 months as she got too big for the moby and then I went back to work. Hopefully she will get used to it the more we use it.

    Marmite I thought your name looked familiar but couldn't figure where from!

  • Lovely! She'll get used to it :) I might wrap my nearly 4yo tomorrow just for the hell of it!

  • She looks so cosy. I've been trying to do a back carry but think I might have to wait until A is a little bigger. She's suddenly had a bit of an aversion to being wrapped this week - is fine getting wrapped but if I'm not constantly walking she's arching her back and seems to be working her way loose which isn't good. Need to perfect my hip carries as I think she'll be happier there.

  • I tried her around town yesterday but she kept arching her back and straightening her legs so she nearly popped herself out and kept having to tuck the pocket in again. There's a video on you tube with an unpoppable double hammock back carry. I tried that last night but my wrap isn't long enough. Sad I could do the wrap done but not tie it. Gah! 

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