Sens. Those who have had miscarriages naturally..some questions please...


i am currently waiting to miscarry. My hormones have hit a low of 137, the doctor said it will come soon.

can someone please tell me what to expect. my last miscarriage ended in ERPC so I have no idea what's going to happen this time. 

I would have been 6 weeks today, but I'm pretty sure nothing grew past about 4/4.5 weeks. 

Is it painful? Will I feel Ill? When is it gonna happen? I've been spotting brown for a week now...will it be sudden or gradual?

help. I'm scared. 



  • Oh Rod, I'm so sorry to hear your going through this.

    Its very difficult to know what to say as every miscarriage I had was different so I can't really tell you what will happen, I'm afraid only time will tell.

    I can completey understand how scared you must be feeling, and I wish I could help more.  Please look after yourself and just try to take it easy.  I'll be thinking of you xx

  • I was afraid that was the case, I just wish I knew what to expect.

    I'm feeling crampy today, but not sure whether it means anything...

  • I did get cramps with mine, one was fairly mild, others were a bit worse I'm afraid. xx

    N xx

  • Rod im sorry to hear your goin through this again, sending you lots of love. No personal experience but I used to work on a gynae ward, as Nftfi says each person is different some women experienced whay you are having now and nothing more others suffered painful cramps and then bright red blood with clots in. The bleedin may go on for a while but will slow down, please take painkillers if you experience bad cramps as a lot of women didnt  and found it alot harder. The emotional side of a natural miscarriage can be harder so take time for yourself and your H and keep talking here. Xxx

  • Thanks Noodle.


  • I was 9 weeks and had a few days of cramps. The bleeding was quite heavy from straight away. I also passed alot of clots and tissue, which I found really hard. Sorry you are going through this x

  • I was 7+5 but blob only measured 5weeks. Bleeding was like a heavy period, with a few clots on day2. The emotional side caught me by surprise more - swinging from upset/angry to wanting to shag H non stop in order to get pregnant again!
  • Rod, so sorry matey :( I know I lost mine a lot earlier than you, but I was 4 and a half weeks and for me I just bleed and clotted and it was a bit heavier than normal AF and the cramps weren't much worse. It's weird to think it was a year yesterday that I started bleeding which led to the loss.

    Plenty of hand holding here :) x

  • Both of mine began with me feeling very crampy during the day, and then the bleeding came on quite suddenly in the evening. It was very heavy in the first few days and very clotty (you may pass some large clots, please don't be alarmed), and the bleeding lasted about a week.

    As others have said, everyone is different. Just be kind to yourself, I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this.  xx

  • Thank you DS, I'm preparing for the worst x

  • I second what Noodle said about painkillers, if you need them take them.  Eat lots of chocolate and cake too, you deserve it.

    N xx

  • I've got string painkillers ready. And a hot water bottle,

    It's the waiting that's doing me in.

  • I'm so sorry Rod.

    I didn't get any pain, it was like having a very heavy period.

    Look after yourself xx

  • Hi Rod - huge hugs to you

    Im pretty sure i lost mine at 5 weeks, i had brown spotting for 2 days then had what felt like mild period cramps for a few hours then started bleeding red blood, that evening i got bad cramps for 1-2 hours then that was it. The bleeding continued but i never saw clots or tissue (thankfully)

    My level was 195 on Monday so ive to go back to EPU tomorrow

  • Oh god Rod I really don't know what to say hon. You're not at work are you? x

  • No I'm at home. Told work I won't be in til it's over.

  • I'm sorry you are going through this. My bleeding started like a very heavy period and the cramps and pain about 6 hours later which continued for a few days. I didn't find the experience that bad physically. The cramps weren't nice I admit but I was also on holiday abroad so I think that made it worse that I had no home comforts.  For me the worst bit was the fear of what I might pass but apart from clots it was ok.

    Take care of yourself. I had a d&c, a 6 week natural loss and 3 chemical pregnancies so if you want to ask anything just shout.  Xx

  • Hi Rod. Mine was at 7 weeks but I think it was probably non viable earlier. I had had cramps for a week but no spotting or bleeding. Then on a Sunday I woke up and had brown when wiping, that turned to red. Cramping continued, then on the Monday morning I passed the tissue when going to the loo (went straight down U-bend so pretty heavy I think). Cramps worsened but not agony and I went to work as normal since I was too upset to think properly. I continued with cramps, not really requiring anything more than a very very occasional paracetamol for about a week, then just stopped bleeding after 9 days. I know my level was 400ish on the Weds and under 200 that Friday. After that I just waited for a negative that I got after 2 weeks. HTH xx

  • Sorry you are going through this Rod.

    With all of my MCs my first sign has been me starting to bleed. All of my MCs have been natural. I did find I became very crampy. My worst one was at 9.5 weeks. I don't know if this is because I was further along.

    Hope you areOK.

  • No advice to you Rod but wanted to offer a totally inadequate internet hug


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