Shadow, Evap Line, or Imaging It? :-(

Evening. What programme (or iphone app) do people use to see if a line is an evap line or not? I've just pulled a pregnancy test from the bin (blue stick), which I think I threw away at about 10 minutes. I pulled it out about 2 hours later. I always do this and usually don't see anything but I'm sure I can some something, its like a shadow? I've held it against other tests (completely blank, again pulled from bin having been in there days) and an OPK (green stick) that does have a faint line on it, and between the two I'm sure I can see some sort of shadow. I completely seen a 'shadow' this morning which then disappeared (i.e. I had completely imagined it) so don't fear offending me if you reply saying you see nothing.

Tonights Test:

1. Yesterdays Test

2. Tonights Test

3. Tonights OPK - just included as the shadow on the 2nd stick is hi-lighted more when against the OPK?



  • p.s. I threw the stick away about 2 hours ago.

  • I can't see anything sorry. I never used any apps I just looked or else asked on here.

    When is the opk from? Opks can pick up pregnancy hormone but both lines have to be dark so it has to be a positive opk iyswim

  • I can see something but it looks just like a shadow. H can see it too. The OPK (green strip) is 2 hours old as well, as is that middle pregnancy test. The top pregnancy test (out of the 3) is probably from yesterday, maybe the day before. The picture of the pregnancy test on its own is the one thats in the middle when the three are put together.

  • I think can see a very faint line on the first test but test again in the morning. how many dpo are you?

  • Thanks Mrs V. H said he could see something but was very dismissive, I can't remember exactly what he said! I think thats what made me realise its probably just an evaporation line, then I remembered that people could use an app and turn the lines pink or clear to demonstrate if it is an evap or not so I'd post on here. I'm 11dpo today, so 12dpo tomorrow.

  • Do you have a First response? When I got my BFP the IC's I did were very faint but it came up right away on a FR. Maybe give that a go tomorrow morning?

  • Yes people on here said to invert the colours to see the line. not exactly sure how to do it though!

  • Hmm I think I can see a feint shadow. You definitely need to do some more and post!

  • I can see something on the middle blue test and the green test (OPK?) but nothing on the top blue test. I'll try inverting it...

  • Rose I don't have a FR but could pick one up on my way to work tomorrow. I don't drink anything before I get into the office so it would be OK to do then wouldn't it?

  • Missus - I pulled the best out of a few! I'll have a look and see if any of the others are worth posting.

    Mrs50s - I just included the OPK as I found when I put the test next to that it emphasised / hi-lighted the 'shadow' on the blue test.

  • Looks green to me....!! Tentative congratulations!

  • Mrs 50s just had the shock of my life then! I looked at the bottom stick (which is the OPK) and the green on that and thought JESUS christ!

    Then realised its the middle one I'm querying! I see what you mean - there does look like there is the tiniest bit of green, I'm not imaging that right?

    Thank you for doing that for me, I appreciate it.

  • I can see something there but I'm not in the know with evaporate lines so can't comment but I certainly see a very very faint line. I just had a quick search of apps and couldn't spot anything like what you mentioned. Good luck x

  • Looks like my early bfps! Congrats id say x

  • Ah I can see it clearer on that however it was done!

  • It looks very faint but it looks like a bfp to me. I'd test again in the morning to be sure.

  • Thank you Que Sera x

  • I feel like I might cry. *Must not get hopes up*.

  • Mrs 50s did you try and invert the test thats pictured on its own at all? Thats the same test thats in the middle on the second picture. My mind is thinking maybe it looks green in your inverted picture because of how close to the OPK it is?

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