Shall we have a Royal Baby Sweepstake?

The prize being eternal glory? Laugh 

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MD Username Sex Date Name Weight
Ally Girl 17th July Charlotte 6lb 11oz
AutumnRose Girl 17th July Elizabeth Diana 6lb 2oz
Blackkat Girl 19th July Louise 6lb 9oz
BossCat Boy 16th July Phillip 7lb 6oz
Bridget Gump Girl 26th July Alexandra 6lb 10oz
BumpEnvy Boy 18th July James Philip 7lb 4oz
chids Girl 15th July   6lb 8oz
Deedee Girl 15th July   7lb
Duckford Boy 22nd July George 7lb 2oz
Ducky Girl 21st July Eleanor 8lb 2oz
DumbleSpud Girl 24th July Victoria 7lb 8oz
Estellita Girl 15th July Alexandra Elizabeth Diana 7lb
HorseFan Girl 14th July Catherine 7lb 7oz
Imp Boy 25th July James 7lb 6oz
jem179 Boy 18th July  Charles 8lb 3oz
KC Girl 12th July Alexandra 6lb 12oz
Lamby Girl 9th July Victoria Diana 9lb 7oz
Mrs 50s Girl 13th July Charlotte Elizabeth 7lb 9oz
Mrs Claus Girl 13th July Alexandria 6lb 11oz
MrsB Girl


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