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Sharp pains... lady bits?!

For those that thought i wouldn't be needy this time...sorry Wink There will probably be many questions to follow!!

Today i have been having weird sharp pains down below. Not inside though, outside in my lady bits! I remember this at the end with P but not sure about the beginning?! Pregnancy related or just random?! Getting the usual twinges and pulls and tweaks inside which i do remember but this is right on the outside.


  • No, AR, I don't recall that and haven't got it this time. How often is it happening?

  • Yesterday was first time, probably 3 or 4 times. We'll see it happens again, might just be something random!

  • I had it and clearly remember telling my husband that it felt I was being stabbed external. I had it off and on for the whole pregnancy.

  • I definitely had this AR, I had it again about 13/14 weeks I think, ive had it a few times so far, I posted on the Tri thread and some of the other girls had experienced it too, I remember it well as I was stressing!!x

  • I have had this lots since about week 6, very sharp pain.

  • I remember having this too. Guess there's a lot going on and stretching etc. which is bound to affect that area. Mine were stabby too. You're not being needy AR, you're bound to worry, I did and that was without your history x

  • Thanks ladies. Glad I'm not alone then. Had them again a bit yesterday, hopefully they'll settle down soon.

  • I had it right the way through with both of mine. So I hope it's normal Laugh

  • I got that in every pregnancy around 6 weeks to 8 weeks. I mean all my pregnancies not just my successful ones so for me I presumed it was just a pregnancy thing

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