shocking midwife advice!

Am in hospital being induced and was in the kitchen with a new mum whose baby was just born yesterday. A midwife came in and told her to make sure she doesn't let him sleep all day today as you wouldn't want him up awake most of the night like last night. 

There are no words; the wee mite was/is just hours old!!!


  • Some midwives are awful. i had one acting very shocked and concerned that my son hadn't fed yet, just 5 hours after birth! She didn't suggest formula but i could tell what she was thinking. five hours! he was hardly starved!

  • What an idiot. if only it were that simple...

  • Is that all I had to do to get Henry sleeping through the night? Wahhhhhhhh! Bet the poor girl felt like sh!t

  • Ps good luck! Xx

  • WTF?!

    Hope your induction goes well x

  • I'm not condoning what she said but perhaps she meant feeding wise? The first night after Isla was born the midwife came and woke us up at 4am as she hadn't fed for six hours and told me she shouldn't be left any longer. Perhaps she just worded it terribly?

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