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Shooting Pains

I think baby is on a nerve as every time I get up, sit down, walk this awful pain shoots through my inner thigh. Has anyone had this? It had me in tears this morning as it happened 6 times in quick succession! Ouch! Any idea what I can do to stop it or at least make it less painful?


  • Yes!! I got this on Sunday, and again yesterday.  A sharp pain down the inside of my left thigh.  I thought it must be a nerve too, as it seems to be ok today.  Not sure there is anything you can do.  Baby was quite wriggly yesterday afternoon and it was fine after that, so I'm assuming it just moved whatever it was that was hitting the nerve.

    Hope baby moves soon for you.

  • Oh it's so annoying! I'm afraid to moe from the sofa... Baby is engaged, I don't want him to move but equally don't want this for a few more weeks! At least it seems normal!!

  • I haven't had it but I think anything like this is possible when there is a human growing inside you! Hopefully it passes soon. You have my sympathy as I have had bad sciatic nerve pain for a few days now, I can be fine one minute then all of a sudden a sharp pain stabs me in the back and shoots down my leg, I can barely walk when it strikes and have to hold onto things just to move! I'm also hoping baby is just on a nerve and it will pass :-/

  • Ohhh, sounds painful! Hope you are ok! Pj xx

  • i had this very early on in pregnancy, i remember it well as it was the weekend my nephew was born, i could hardly walk infact it put me in bed on the sunday for a whole day but when i woke up on the monday the pain had just gone. i spoke to my mw who said the baby was on a nerve.

    i still get it from time to time when i wake up but baby seems to move and it goes.

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