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Hi all.

Begining to look at getting baby stuff, and although we are trying to do as much 2nd hand as possible, there are going to be some stuff that we have to buy that will be new.

I know that obviously Mothercare, Tesco, Ikea etc all do babystuff, but can anyone reccomend any online shops or outlet type stores that do baby things?

Thanks in advance!

IP :)


  • We've bought most of our new bits from kiddicare x

  • Bigger bits for us came from Kiddicare; BabiesRUs and Ikea for nursery furniture.  

  • Most of our clothes and baby gros were from George at Asda. We've found them to be really good quality for the price.

    You could also look on ebay? You can get loads of great new baby stuff for next to nothing on there.

  • I used kiddicare and mothercare online. I always went into a shop to see something first and then found the same product online at a cheaper price. I had to see things before I felt confident enough to buy them, mainly as I didn't want to waste money in something that looked good in an online pic but rubbish when it arrived

  • I bought a bunch from mamas and papas online, and I just placed an Aden+Anais order off Achica!  Zulily is another flash sale site with baby and maternity stuff, too.  I always check amazon before ordering elsewhere, though, because I've found things are often cheaper on there than elsewhere.  For example, the breast pump that was RRP£265 was only £190 on amazon (I say 'only,' but still damn expensive!!).

    And it can pay to see an eye on  When I placed my big amazon order there was a code for 10% off things in the baby store.  Often the codes will exclude certain brands for prams and the like but they are still great for other things.

    As for clothing, H&M do really great affordable baby stuff!  I like Next, too, but it's a bit pricier.  And I second other peoples suggestion of ikea.  Our nursery furniture is ikea and so much cheaper than we would have found elsewhere.

  • Oh, and you can get bundles of second hand clothes on ebay for pennies.  I bought a bundle of girls 0-3 month stuff for £2, picked out the things I wanted to keep and then sold the rest off!

    I also got a nearly new bugaboo buffalo on ebay, but with prams you need to be careful about scams.

  • I got most things from mothercare website, I checked for offers on their website for discount off & checked discount websites for codes for money off mothercare.  Also mothercare have an app to download if you spend £50 you get £10 off, you can use different email addresses to use the code a few times.  We saved a lot of money in mothercare.

    We got R's nursery furniture from argos, it was mamas & papas previous years range.  They had a similar range on mamas & papas website for £700.  We got it from argos for £400 it was supposed to be £500 but I found a code for £100 of if you spent £500.

    Also used kiddicare like others have said & amazon.

    We also got a lot of second hand stuff, which we are borrowing from my niece & giving back once we are done with it.  R was in tiny baby clothes for about 4 weeks I bought a few bits but borrowed clothes from 2 friends who had tiny baby clothes saved me loads.

  • We got our furniture, pram and car seat from m+p because there was a deal on each time. I got loads of stuff from zulily inc Aden + anais muslins, clothes and hotmilk nursing bras. Ikea is good for other bits and we also got a LOT from amazon. George at asda seem to be the best quality of the supermarket brands but the fit isn't quite right for S - he's very long so some stuff is too short for him.

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