Should I get a buggy board?

As title really, M will be almost 4 when baby arrives. She's a good walker but can be lazy, plus loves going on her friends buggy boards. What age did you use your till? If I get one it'll be second hand but not sure if shell be getting too big for it. We will walk quite a bit with the pram once baby is here so if it's worth getting I will.


  • Abigail is too heavy for ours now so we stopped using it just before she turned 4. She is big for her age though.  I'm sure ck was still using hers for A recently

  • Depends how big she is really. We stopped using ours for Joshua at about 3.5 as he was too big and heavy, especially as we live in a hilly area. I've not used it this time round with a 3y1m age gap between Jacob and Naomi.

  • Ours doesnt work properly so not much help. Aaron could still use it if it worked. I dont drive so when we used to.walk 4/5 miles to places it wasnt fair on aaron in the rain. When the pram broke he had to walk that and do his gymnastics class. I am cruel!

    Ill get a new buggyboard for phoebe but im sure Aaron will have a shot too

  • Hmm, she is big for her age I was just thinking it might help her not feel left out if she was right there with baby. Plus she'll probably want to push the pram for me otherwise - and ive seen her "helping" to push a Tesco trolley Laugh I think I'll keep an eye out for a really cheap second hand one. Thanks ladies xx

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