Show me your slings?

Please :o)

OH has said that his best friend has asked what we would like for baby and he wondered if I wanted to ask for vouchers towards a sling as it is the only thing we haven't really looked at yet. Do you think that is acceptable to ask for? I wasn't sure if a sling is something a best friend should contribute too, is it a bit cheeky?

Let me see them or any recommendations are welcome! :o)



  • It's not cheeky, he's offered. Might as well let him know something useful than be given something that won't be used.

    We have a connecta but its boring pale blue and you can get much nicer prints.

  • Only posting pics here is so annoying! That's the only pic I can find, he looks tiny!

  • That's my connecta, only pic I have of it I think 

  • Sorry pic is so big!

  • Seems connecta is well thought of then?

    Will have a look, thankyou ladies :o)

  • Connectas  are great. I'll got a few slings - I'll pop some photos up :)

  • I've an Amazonas sling, manduca and connecta carrier. Of the three, i much prefer the Manduca which is less well known than the connecta, but more structured and I think more comfortable. Everyone I know who has tried them both, preferred the Manduca. Will try to find some pics when on my laptop, but if you put Manduca into Amazon there are a lot on there. A good idea would be to go to a local sling meet where you can see some in person and try them on. X

  • Sorry it's sideways! Here's a connecta. 

    And E in a back carry in a woven wrap - 

  • Thankyou Marmite, fab photos!

    LWO, I will have a look at those, thankyou. Not a brand I had heard of actually. I have a lot of research to do! :)

  • I love my slings!!

    E, four weeks old in a Babyhawk:

    In a woven wrap last week:

    And in a different woven on her birthday a month ago:

    We also had a ring sling which I annoyingly had to sell to fund a buggy to take on holiday. Can't find any pictures of us with it, but it was this one:

  • I also have a connecta (a thinner solar weave connecta), I got mine through a fellow hitcher so didn't get to pick a funky design by I love mine. So easy & convenient, still use it now with my 18 month old.

    Here we are in Rome


    & for the Olympics I pinned a union Jack flag onto it!

    I'd recommend you see if you can find a sling meet in your area as they're great for allowing you to try different styles to see which feel the most comfortable for you

  • Here is P in my Connecta

  • I think I'm going to get a hoppediz elastic sling, like the moby but loads of fab colours!

  • I had a moby when A was little which was great over winter.

    And I currently have a Lenny lamb woven wrap. But I'm having trouble loading a photo of it for some reason 

  • I have a Boba 3G, above in a front carry, and below on a walk with my sister and my niece in my sister's Boba bought after trying mine, it's very comfy! 

  • Started with the grey close caboo when he was tiny. It was lovely and snug, he would sleep for hours. Bought a connecta a few months ago as H wasn't keen on wraps and the connecta is a few buckles, very quick

  • Thankyou for all the recs and fabulous photos!

    Am going to sit tomorrow while OH is on nights and have a good browse, plus find a sling meet :)

  • Sling meet/library is a good idea. Whereabouts are you?

    i had a moby which I never got around to using, I also have a babyhawk that I personally never really got on with, plus C didn't like it (on the for sale board!). I also have the same solarweave connecta as blackkat which is great and I loved immediately. Here's a pic:

  • (Not me unfortunately, my gorgeous sis Love)

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