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I've got myself a bit worried about our LO, almost 9 months and am after some advice and/or reassurance please, following an unhelpful call to NHS D.

Last night, Sam began vomiting majorly at 1 a.m. while he was asleep - it was a massacre, his entire stomach contents, big chunks of food etc. Temp was normal. We thought it was a stomach bug, checked the NHS website and after things had calmed down and he was all cleaned up, offered him water, which he refused, then milk, which he had 2oz of. He then went back to sleep, in our bed, and woke 2 hours later, projectile vomiting the milk up. Back to sleep again, and there has been no vomiting since that point (4am).

He drank all his milk this morning, and had breakfast, a snack and lunch no problem. He seemed a bit out of sorts, tired, and a little bit withdrawn but still smiley and still playing so we weren't worried. I thought it had perhaps been food that hadn't agreed with him rather than a bug as it appeared to be so short lived.

This evening though, I've become concerned after his appetite seems to have completely vanished. He refused any night time bottle at all and just had a little fruit at dinner and a tiny piece of cheese. He has been irritable and just not quite himself, though not completely different either - still smiling at times, and in the bath. He's had 11.5oz of milk in all, and a little water (but not much). So I know it's not awful, and if it wasn't for the below link, I probably wouldn't be too worried tonight, but it's made me feel a bit panicky.
Especially this part:
But if they do not seem themself – for example, if they are floppy, irritable, less responsive or have lost their appetite – they may be seriously ill, so you should contact your GP immediately.

Also, his nappies haven't been very wet - and because he hasn't drank since 4 p.m. and his fluids must be down from being so sick, I'm feeling extra anxious.

I rang NHS Direct but they won't pass me to an advisor unless I wake him to do their assessment, which is generic - is he breathing? Is he bleeding? Etc. etc. so I said to leave it. I'm now worried though that something serious might be going on. My H thinks it's just him being under the weather following sickness, and he's probably right. I should maybe add that he had a bacterial infection when he was born and was quite seriously ill which I'll openly admit to not being over. That started with vomiting so please tell me if I'm being OTT.

TIA and sorry for the jumble x


  • It's tricky because he's been ok during the day but not great at night and everything seems worse at night anyway! I can't really help as A is only little and so I haven't been where you are, but I think if I was very worried I would call NHS Direct again and wake him for the assessment. It is generic but afterwards they should refer you to an out of hours clinic - we did this once for A and at the time I thought all the questions were pointless but it did result in us getting an appointment that night to see someone. I hope he's feeling better soon x

  • N has had a few sickness bugs and they can be quite worrying. Personally, given what you've said, I would ring NHS direct again and if they need you to wake him then wake him, although surely you can answer questions on him breathing/bleeding etc even if he's asleep. Always better to air on the side of caution.

    I've had to ring them a few times and have always felt better for doing so.

    Let us know how he's doing xx

  • I would call nhs d back too and wake him if necessary. Mum knows best and if you werent concerned you wouldnt have written this post. If it sets your mind at rest a little, whenever G gets a tummy bug she pukes a few times, has a day without an appetite then is fine but is always running about within a few hours of the last episode of sickness. Kids bounce back much quicker than we do but you wont rest tonight if you dont ring them hun. Just do it for peace of mind x

  • Hope he is ok lamby now x

  • Hope everything is ok Lamby xxx

  • I have been thinking of you too. Hope he is ok? x

  • Thanks so much everyone. He is a lot better today. We ended up ringing them in the night as he had a temperature and was really hot to the touch. He still wasn't drinking and though awake, his eyes kept drooping and he was really pale. From this they wanted someone to see him within 2 hours, then when we were waiting on the call back, a small rash sprang up on his back, just to really panic us. It disappeared with pressure though and is gone completely now, and when the local out of hours rang back, they weren't interested at all in seeing him, just told us we must get water into him, by any means necessary, and to continue with calpol and keeping him lightly dressed. He eventually had some water then fell asleep, his temp had thankfully already started to drop and was in normal range, and it's fine this morning. He's still on a milk strike but has had some water, fruit and yoghurt so is perhaps just off colour, like you mentioned G can be after a bug, MM.

    I really appreciate all of your advice, and also reassurance that I wasn't being silly. Now that he is smiling and more energised, I can feel confident that he wasn't right and it is good to trust my instincts. And even if I was being OTT, better that than miss something I know. He's still under the weather, and if he continues to be off his milk I'll take him to the GP tomorrow, but his nappy was nice and heavy this morning and he is definitely more like our little Sam Chops today!

    Thanks again x

  • Really glad he is better. Always trust your instincts. You know him better than anyone xx

  • Glad he is feeling better. You definitely did the right thing to trust your instincts x

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