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It's doing my head in. I keep signed in all the time but recently MD has been signing me out then I can't sign back in again for ages. I put in my details and the home page just pops up again and I'm still not signed in. Then eventually I am signed in and when I try to reply to a thread I get some administrator message pop up. Arghhh!!! 

Anyone else?


  • I have had this, only on phone or ipad. I got a message from Sarah saying they are looking to put a fix in so might be worth posting this on the admin (?) board so they can keep track x

  • It's feedback board I think

  • I've logged it on there thanks Mrs P

  • I have this too - I sign in and it doesn't think I have, but generally if I leave it 30 mins I'm then signed in. Odd, and v irritating!

  • Yes I have it too, most of the time I stay logged in but when I'm kicked out it's impossible to get back in! Then when I come back to the site later I'm magically logged back in again. Weird.

  • Glad it's not just me then ladies x

  • I have this too, drives me nuts!

  • Its happening to me too, not on my phone but my tablet. V annoying!!

  • Hello all - as most of you know we have worked on several fixes for this bug and so far we have been unable to resolve the issue, which is obviously very frustrating for all involved.  We implemented another fix just yesterday, but I assume that some of you have experienced the issue today given the timing of this thread?  

    To date the issue has been reported almost exclusively on iPhones and iPads.  If any of you are experiencing this on other devices please could you let me know what device (make & model) and browser you are using.  Thank you.

    I will keep the Feedback board up to date with what we're doing to resolve this issue.

  • Thanks Sarah  

  • Hi Sarah, I have a Microsoft Surface and cannot log in. Thanks!

  • Thanks Noggin - that's usesful to know

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