Silly rules and red tape

I am doing a fulll time MA course at uni (as well as working) and out of politeness I informed my course tutor of my pregnancy. Now I have to have risk assessments etc. Whilst I kind of understand this , it transpires that I have to have four meetings about this! I am half way through my course, with 6 hours of seminars left and then I will only be on campus to have meetings with my course tutor about my dissertation. It all seems rather excessive really. Particularly as my place of work where I am most of the time haven't had to do anything with me, but will get me to fill out a few forms after 20 weeks.

No point to this post just having a moan!


  • Really? That sounds ridiculous. A pain in the ar$e for you *and* them!

  • What is your course in? I'd love to get back to education and it was my plan to if our baby hopes didn't transpire. I miss it :)

  • That sounds OTT! I was in my second year of my MA in education when I had my first daughter. I told the tutor when I was about 16 weeks and said I was going to defer one year. The tutor pursuaded me to stay on, so I ended up missing a couple if weeks (only had 2 hour session once a week) and then went back when my daughter was a few weeks old and I'd got the hand of expressing!. I'm glad I did as it allowed me some time to talk to other adults, it was only 6-8pm once a week - anyway the point I am getting to is that my tutor never mentioned anything like a risk assessment, I'm sure my pregnancy wasn't even recorded by uni!!

  • That sounds crazy! Bet theres a standard procedure they follow without using any common sense. My H goes on that the world is turning into a big flowchart with people just following procedures and not thinking for themselves. Have to say, he's got a point, and this another greAt example if that!

  • That sounds crazy! I've got a couple of pregnant students, most don't even tell us unless they want to defer a year or drop out, in which case I just do the necessary back room admin and that's it. Mind you all our students are required to be in work, so perhaps their work take a greater share of that kind of thing.

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