Sippy cup

O is just not getting the sippy cup! I've even bought a few different designs in case he preferred one over the other! Any ideas to encourage him?


  • A didn't get it for ages! We gave him a straw cup which he suddenly 'got' one day. Now we have a few different types and rotate them so he gets used to drinking out of different cups. It's funny because he first tries to suck the spout, if that doesn't work, he tips the cup up... sometimes he tips the straw ones up and gets nothing, sometimes he tries to suck the normal ones and gets nothing! But he usually gets there in the end. I think the straw one helped to begin with because he didn't understand how to tip the sippy cup up to get the water. Make sure you fill it up quite a lot too so it's easier to get water out.

  • Does C use a beaker? Would he drink from a sippy cup or would he not want to? Just thinking if  O watches C drinking he will probably learn best by copying him.

  • It took Isla well over a month to 'get' any type of cup. We did persevere with the tommy tippee one in the end and one day she just got it. But up til then she'd just let it all dribble down her chin.
  • This thread is really useful for me as D point blank refuses to drink from a sippy cup. I will try one if the straw ones and keep offering, good to know others have had the same issue and got there eventually!

  • My O was the same...them one day just clicked with the standard tommee tippee one x

  • J didn't like sippy cups, so he used a cup with a straw.

  • Just be careful with this product. My one year old granddaughter on taking a drink of water from a brand new TT sippy cup got the spout stuck in the back of her throat. She was struggling for breath, mum tried all the proper first aid but the little girl was turning blue and just  as the ambulance arrived she coughed it out herself. She had a very lucky escape.

    Predictably a big company like TT did not take responsibility and said that mum should have checked to see if the spot was loose.

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