Slapped cheek?

Hi all- sorry first needy question.
Have just spent about an hour with a two year old with slapped cheek. Was outside most of the time and wouldn't say I had close contact with him. I think he must have been at the rash stage as his mum was on about putting cream on him. Should i ring GP or am I worrying about nothing? Google has not been my friend this afternoon. I'm 5+3 today. Thanks. X


  • The likelihood is that you've had it as a child so you would have immunity to it. Also, it's most contagious before the symptoms show. If you need reassurance, give your GP a ring. Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you DS. I asked my mum and she had never even heard of it! He definitely had the rash so I'm hoping that it will be I ok will ring GP. Xx
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