Sleep help - bit of an odd one!

E is almost 19 months and is starting to grow out of her grobag so I thought I'd bite the bullet and get her a duvet before we have to take the sides of her cot bed off. Problem is, I'm not sure how to go about it as she sleeps sideways across the bed. Any suggestions anyone please? 


  • G used to sleep in all kinds of positions but never woke up if she wriggled out from under the duvet. I used to make sure she wore pyjamas rather than nighties so she wasnt cold and got a light children's duvet in case she ended up with her head under it and never had any issues x

  • Thanks MM! Do you know what tog it was? I was looking at the 4 tog ones in mothercare which seem pretty thin and light. Luckily our house is pretty warm so she shouldn't get cold - I'm just more worried about it going over her head.

  • W is exactly the same, she moves all over the place but had started taking her sleeping bag (and pjs!) off every night so we had to get a duvet a few weeks ago.

    We got one from mothercare about £16 for the duvet and pillow. I think it said it's 4 or 4.5 tog. She still moves around a lot in bed but never gets stuck under the duvet which was my concern. So when we go to check on her we just move her back to the correct position and out duvet back on her.

  • We bought J a duvet recently as he was protesting at being in his gro bag, but he kept waking up through the night wailing, I assume because he'd kicked it off and was cold, so we've gone back to the gro bag and told him its tough and he has to be in it! We're going to try again in the summer I think. He's 19mo too. Hopefully you'll have more success!

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