Sleep help please

Help B is almost 11 months and his sleep has been variable since about 6 months But it's getting progressively worse and H and I are at breaking point. B will go to bed at night absolutely fine, he has a bottle and cuddle and will go to sleep, sometimes there is some wingeing but usually within 10/15 mins he's asleep. Recently he's started waking at 10.30pm and then not going back to sleep, the only thing that works is giving him a bottle which we do most times. He then wakes up at 1am sometimes and most of the time at 3am, where again He either wants to play or will scream the house down if he's not given a bottle. I think some of it is our own doing as he does Expect a bottle so I know we have to tackle this, getting H on board for this is another matter. Anyone got any ideas of what else we can do. I know he's not cold, if anything his room is warm but he wakes up constantly if it's cool in there.  

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